Merchants Naeem Mir Group Press Convention On Subsequent Strike | 31 July 2019

Traders Naeem Mir Group Press Conference On Next Strike | 31 July 2019 City 42 gives you the latest news and breaking stories from Lahore Subscribe to our …


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  1. All the pakistanis who had commented on this post are bloody fools . They are thinking that traders dont pay taxes. Fools , they pay taxes . I am a lawyer. Government is saying that destroy pakistan, pakistani economy and the peace of pakistan . Bloody fool people the tax should be applied only once not on every step. Which law of the world allows to do this, the people which are not traders are spitting the shit out of their mouths , without thinking . If theis system is applied . Traders will not do anything . But the people will face the consequences in the form of at least 150 % more taxes on everything means that the things you buy of 100 rs will become 250 with taxes , hence the poor will die and Imran Khan will be the first prime minister to become real man by applying his formula of eradicating poverty by eradication of the poor! Congrats pakistanis commenting earlier on this post! Bloody ediots!