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Why Ladies Have Completely Unrealistic Requirements for Males, Courting, and Marriage – jj

Why Ladies Have Completely Unrealistic Requirements for Males, Courting, and Marriage

WARNING: Very raw and straight about what’s going on out here. #matchmakeruncut Join Rebecca’a inner circle, the DIVINE CIRCLE at …



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  1. Me:
    – Height: 5'5
    – Weight: 135 lbs
    – Decently athletic
    – Bilingual (can speak indonesian, english, and little japanese)
    – On the Last year of highschool (18)
    – Planning to find a Job in the army or law enforcement or any other decent jobs after graduate
    – Looks sadly on scale 1-10 i'm probably around 5 not sure maybe 4 since nobody ever complimented me :'(
    – I love my anime, manga, movies and video games
    – And i'm an introvert which means it's hard to find a girlfriend because i'm not intrested in dating but now i'm thinking to find 1
    – A virgin :'(

    Now my standard for a woman is pretty simple:
    – Not Insane
    – Not a hoe
    – Good Caretaker and a decent person 🙂
    – Can make a decent meal
    – Slim but a little chubby is also fine
    – Average looking maybe even lower than average depending on her but if she is pretty i suppose that is quite a bonus 🙂
    My standards for a woman is pretty simple and i will definitely lowered it depends on my feeling cause in the end i'm looking for a woman who'll eventually be my wive not someone who just wanna fool around
    So do i have a chance of dating at all? I'm not really sure if a girl will ever be intrested? 🙁

  2. About 900 million women wants to marry a "Denzel Washington",that is ratio of (900 million): 1. Again,about 300 million women wishes to marry Jayz, but CANNOT match the quality of Queen Beyonce. They want a Tristan Thompson, but CANNOT buy the kind of gifts, including exotic cars that Khloe buys for her men.

  3. Ms Pope…I am on the side of the men in which you talk about on this link but when a highlighted response popped up in my inbox, I began to read some of the comments and now I know why some of these women and men are still single. They all need to heal their issues 1st!

  4. I refuse to bash women. Its pointless. A large proportion of men are opting out because being involved with women is a hostile environment. If a guy wants to keep his wellbeing, his financial security and his integrity then he should avoid female manipulation and entanglement all together.

    If you want just sex, go to a prostitute its safer and cheaper.

    I like women….but you can only kick so many mines in a minefield before one blows up in your face.

    Nice video.

  5. I feel bad for people who listen to this kind of "advice" and take it seriously. This tired stereotype of men don't have feelings, men don't talk, men can't be sensitive and emotional is the kind of thing that just perpetuates the separation of men and women. We are all humans. Humans have feelings and thoughts. Different people express them differently, but it's not always based in gender. That kind of thing is a result of social conditioning. Boys are taught they aren't supposed to be sensitive or show emotions. Then they grow into these emotionally stunted men who don't know how to connect with people.

  6. "Get nice. Be sweet!" Words of wisdom in basic everyday relating. Maybe there's something to that idea that women have been told they can have it all, and be treated like a princess, and be happy. But, if she's not happy, then she can divorce and find someone else. This is not how it's supposed to work.

  7. I have to disagree with you because men and women are all unique and we all want different things. This doesn’t just apply to relationships. Lots of people have expectations beyond their means whilst others do the work to get it. A woman’s expectations are a combination of their experiences, values, childhood, influences from friends and the media, core beliefs etc. If you speak to the majority of men and women in society, their self-esteem is so damaged that they actually have lower standards and accept relationships where they are cheated on, where there’s domestic violence, financial abuse etc. To blame just women when it takes men and women for a relationship to be successful or to fail, is giving people a cop out. Nobody has to be in a relationship with anyone they don’t want to be with. Some women do want a lot and they might find a man who checks all the boxes. Other women are not as fussy or have more realistic expectations. Neither is wrong because the man can always say yes or no.

  8. Staying single has for a very very very long time has given me tranquility and wisdom. I would not exchange that for any woman on earth. I am glad I dodged a bullet and realized marriage is nothing but a sham. As much as I wanted to be a loving husband and have a child, it's not worth the investment.

  9. Love support and compassion is what a woman is supposed to be…I see couples who hate each other….and do nothing together or I see guys who have no life and obey whatever the wife says..its about joy and together ness *..what's goin on here. ??

  10. I don't know exactly when it happened but quite some time ago women especially American woman began to have WILDLY unrealistic utterly impossible to meet expectations of men and of marriage. They got in their heads this image of a guy with a higher than average income, better than average looks and build of a pro athlete, is as romantic as prince charming almost daily, but can be a bad boy when HER mood requires it , add into this we men are now supposed to be able to interpenetrate and adjust to her every mood swing so as to never do or say anything to upset her. And now thanks to radical Feminazi's, every instance when we do upset our wives can now be regarded at a minimum serious psychological abuse and grounds for divorce or at worst criminal prosecution.

    In short no such MAN exists, maybe some soy-boy scrotum-less bata simp of an excuse for a man can fulfill a few of these utterly ridiculous requirements but never all and no MAN worth his weight in empty Midol containers would even try to waste his time doing so. Why do you think for the first time in Americas recorded history the marriage rate and birth rates are down?
    We MEN have waken up to the reality that marriage is the same as financial suicide and all what awaits us is a MINIMUM 55% chance at being divorced raped and loosing well over half of all we own and for what? Nothing that 50-100 guys before us have already gotten for FREE.

  11. A brave post by Rebecca here , I will bet she has been flamed by many women as a " traitor " and " sell out ". Even the most mediocre women have several male options if they so wish. Part of the problem is the " media " , the " education " systems , esp universities that are hotbeds of Cultural Marxism , feminism is a sub-branch of CM and anti-male feminist propaganda , women , since they were girls , have been conditioned to view men as disposable resource provisioning utilities at best , or more likely , inferior , worthless , moronic vermin that think with their genitals. A lot of Western women view men as inferior to them and beneath their contempt.

  12. Thank you for saying this. So many times I have been friendzoned yet parents adore me and tell me how great of a husband I'll be. This was really refreshing to hear, shows that I might not be passed over forever cause somebody gets it. And i appreciate that you included being a God fearing man, that can make the difference between a boy in a man sometimes since it brings character. Not to mention God's awesome. 😋

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