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1238. "THERE WAS ONCE … A WIDE FRONT …" – jj


The Broad Front emerged primarily from the social movement and pledged to renew that "old parliamentary policy eaten by the ego and negotiation with neo liberalism."
And here is that little by little its main members do
exactly the same.

And not only that, but they fight among themselves, even
slam the door

This phenomenon is not irrelevant and gives to think.

I am not in the view of giving an opinion of the policy bearer with this or that position.

My subscribers know perfectly well that I sign up for rational anarchism, a position that I have explained for years on various occasions.

If someone persists in their binary reading where "I have to be of
left or right, "it will be bad.

I know perfectly well the evils of capitalism and socialism
-which I consider expensive and seal of the same hierarchical currency of
domination and violence – so that someone can
convince of the supposed benefits of one or another face.

Therefore the Broad Front (today narrow front), never caught my attention for its naive Target "anti neoliberal".

You should never define something for what it is not because nothing says what it is.

That is the old trick of confusing if it happens.

That I am anti-neoliberal says nothing of what I think.

But surely in this world where illusion is worth more than
I will actually have followers.

And here is that the former Broad Front never had anything to offer but illusions.

And when he faced reality, that rare nebula that is beyond the slogans simply fell apart.

Of all the naiveties that swarm in these times the mother of the naiveties is to blame the "Politics" and not the politicians.

So then the fault would be "Medicine" not doctors.

Add and continue.

Too obvious that the ego at all levels passed the bill to the Broad Front.

And the desire for prominence, the ideological blindness, the divorce between sociological theory and practice, the desire to impose avoiding dialogue and perhaps more of some hormonal and mental imbalance is added.

I do not say that this does not happen elsewhere because it does happen.

The unfortunate thing is that this supposed generation of replacement of the left center offered us a sad spectacle, offered us more of the same and together with all that the political Harakiri was made.

It is the moment in which they must return the tickets.

Anything you intend to do in the future would be another circus
With new clowns and jugglers.


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