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20 years of Kandahar hijack case, when private curiosity turned greater then Nation First | 20 years of Kandhar hijack, when 'nation curiosity' first surfaced 'personal curiosity' – jj

20 years of Kandahar hijack case, when private curiosity turned greater then Nation First | 20 years of Kandhar hijack, when 'nation curiosity' first surfaced 'personal curiosity'


new Delhi: Today (31 December) 20 years of the Kandahar plane hijacking case is being completed. 20 years ago today, on the same day i.e. December 31, 1999, the people taken hostage in the aircraft had returned home. This was a big issue related to national security for the then central government. But, at the same time there was a need to keep in mind that no compromise should be made with the lives of the people of the country.

But along with the families of the hostages, the country's media at that time also put unprecedented pressure on the government. An environment was created in front of which the government had to bow down. Here we want to make one thing clear that we too were part of that mistake. Because even on Zee News, every little big news related to this hijacking was being shown at that time and people on our cameras too. Were expressing their anger and were cursing the government for its failure.

At the time when this incident took place, people were worried about their own people, not the country. And that is why the national interest was probably compromised. Protests were taking place from road to parliament. There was only one demand, that all the passengers who are trapped in the hijack of IC-814, should be released as soon as possible.

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Kanchan Gupta, a journalist working in the Prime Minister's Office at that time, had also mentioned this incident in one of his blogs. In 2008, in a blog titled The Truth Behind Kandahar, Kanchan Gupta writes, "At the same time … one evening the Prime Minister of Kargil's Hero Martyr Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja reached the Prime Minister's office. He requested the officials that they should be allowed to talk to the relatives of the people present on the plane. The martyr's wife spoke to media and people at the Prime Minister's official residence ….

…. He tried to convince the people that India should not bow down to terrorists. He also narrated his own past and explained to the people that no pain can be greater than national interest. But then someone in the crowd shouted and said that she is a widow herself and wants other women to become widows too .. Then someone in the crowd said where did she come from? And after this people started pushing with them.


Recalling the entire incident, senior journalist Kanchan Gupta told ZEE News, 'The widow of Squadron leader Ajay Ahuja came, she appealed to all (protestors) with folded hands, I have given to my husband, you guys be patient, to the government Let us do your work. But these people started cursing them upside down. Part from here, that scene was very sad.

At that time, the wife of martyr Ajay Ahuja must have been around 30 years old. At such a young age, a woman who lost her husband in the war was explaining the importance of national love to the countrymen… and people were mistreating them and calling them widows.

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At the same time, Colonel VN Thapar, the father of martyr Lt Vijayant Thapar, was also among the people to explain. After listening to them, you will understand how the national interest was sacrificed at that time under public pressure. VN Thapar, father of martyr Lieutenant Vijayant Thapar, said, 'whose family had relations with the passengers. He had lost his patience. They came to the streets with great impatience. He put so much pressure on the Prime Minister which was beyond our comprehension. The family was not in a position to talk. Hair was crawling, crawling on the ground. Nobody was willing to listen to anyone, even to listen to us.

Therefore, the then NDA government 20 years ago got his opinion from every political party. And only then took a decision. But, sadly, at that time leaders of different political parties were also involved in instigating the sentiments of the people of the country.

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