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2020 Mac Professional is the brand new 2019 – jj

2020 Mac Professional is the brand new 2019


Drove over to the nearest glass-panel-and-stainless-steel-clad Apple Store to see the Mac Pro “2019″ .

They didn’t have any. There, or at other stores close by.

Duh, why would Apple’s stores have the Mac Pro “2019” now, when it’s still 2019? 😂

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Okay. So…its better thought-out and makes a stronger statement about your (already heavily-reviewed) flagship product when, I don’t know, you kinda dribble it out there, slow as a 4-year old on the basketball court? 🤔


Curious about this – the Tech industry press and YT reviews couldn’t have waited to run alongside a “Mac Pro – 2020” TV spot during Super Bowl LIV 2020?


Things wouldn’t have been better coordinated? Like P.R., Marketing, and Manufacturing? You know, by targeting early February – when, realistically, they could actually have some display product – along side trained staff – in stores?


No, I take it back. No one would remember a Super Bowl spot… 🤦‍♂️😅


Also, there’s no profit in retcon-ing prominent pop cultural touchstones…😆😆😆


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2018 Mac Mini i5 / 6-core 3.0-4.1 Ghz / 32GB / 256GB / Intel UHD 630 / PowerColor Gaming Station / PowerColor dual-fan RX5700 XT / Mac OS 10.15.1 Catalina / LG 27″ 4K display

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