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Flashback 2019: these financial savings schemes have been within the yr 2019, traders have been rewarded Flashback 2019: Learn about Finest saving schemes of 2019 – jj

Flashback 2019: these financial savings schemes have been within the yr 2019, traders have been rewarded Flashback 2019: Learn about Finest saving schemes of 2019



oi-Bavita Jha


Published: Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 0:03 (IST)

new Delhi. The year 2019 is going to end. With the end of the year, if you take a look at the previous years, then from the economic perspective, this year was not much. From the economic point of view, the year 2019 was a very turbulent year. The stock market was seen making new records while filling up the sky and sometimes falling on its face. When the inflation broke the power of the people, the autosector broke down. Amidst all the hurdles, there were some places where silver was held this year and investors were rich. Let's have a look at the good investments of the year 2019

Flashback 2019: Know about Best saving schemes of 2019

Safe investment in gold

Gold is considered one of the safest and profitable investments in the country. 2019 will be the silver of those investing in gold. Market experts believe that gold can touch a new high of Rs 42,000 to Rs 45,000 per 10 grams in the new year amid the ongoing economic slowdown. Investors have got good returns on investing in gold and there are also good signs in the coming year. Gold has given a profit of over 23 percent in the year 2019.

These mutual funds made a fortune

This year has been rewarding for select investors of mutual funds. 6 Mutual funds have been such that have given good returns to investors in 2019. Among them, Axis Bluechip Mutual Fund stood at number one. During a year, it has given a return of 22.20 percent to investors. At the same time, SBI Focused Equity Fund (Direct Plan) also gave good returns to investors in the year 20219. Launched in January 2013, this mutual fund has given a return of 21.34 percent during the year 2019.

These plans gave good returns to investors

At the same time, Axis Focused 25 Plan gave 19.85% returns to investors in the year 2019. While Motilal Oswal Focused 25 fund has given 18.49 per cent returns to investors, this fund of Canera Robeco has given 18.10 per cent returns so far this year.

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