Endlessly Unbridled – 2017 Private Ensign Stakes

Race replay of the Grade 1 Personal Ensign Stakes held at Saratoga Race Course.


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  1. I admittedly haven't been following Songbird as closely this season as I did last season, so I suppose I could've missed an injury of some sort I wasn't aware of in one of her races this season? But assuming she's still sound and healthy, the timing of the announcement of her retirement seems a bit odd to me with the Breeders Cup literally right around the corner. Especially if the retirement is based on her loss here in the Personal Ensign, which was only the second of her career, and the two times in her career that she was beaten wasn't like she was clipped by some long shot nag or anything. Just sayin……

  2. Songbird is great, but still a tad overrated. She would have been mauled by Inside Information, Zenyatta, etc., and even an in-form Life At Ten or Unrivaled Belle would have given her everything she could handle.And Stellar Wind has beaten Vale Dori twice. Songbird would have a very hard time shaking loose from Vale Dori and, especially Stellar Wind at this point in time.

  3. A lil sad that Songbird lost & was only 2nd, but if some1 had 2 beat her, was glad it was a horse like Forever Unbridled…. I am a big fan & luv both of these mares!! Hopefully will be a good, interesting & safe BC Distaff…. Good run by Songbird!! Great spectacular run by Forever Unbridled!!!! So very glad that it came down to these 2 mares whom I both adore!!

  4. Songbird is still better than Stellar Wind because SW has won 4 races that don't mean much while Songbird won a big race at Belmont, a smaller race that was 10 Furlongs, and she almost won this big race. Forever Unbridled is now definitely in the top 5 while Songbird is probably around 10.

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