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How you can be optimistic in 2020? Be taught very simple methods to be joyful – jj

How you can be optimistic in 2020? Be taught very simple methods to be joyful


Every person is very happy in the coming year. Between the new season, the coming months and festivals, she feels very thrilled and positive. But after a few days people start moving from positive to negative. So this time we are telling you very easy and small measures, by which you can always keep yourself positive. Read and share them with others too…

1. Life in positive environment
Many times negative comes around you. Many times bad news comes out through home, society or media. In such a situation, try to keep yourself among good smiling people. Search for such people among your friends and relatives who instead of crying over a problem, tell you ways to emerge from them. Also, keep yourself among the motivated people.

2. Plain food – positive life
These elders have always been saying that simple life – high thoughts. Food has a very deep relationship with your positivity. In the coming year, dedicate yourself to food with less spices and oil. Green vegetables, less spicy foods always keep the body and soul happy. Also, it is always considered helpful in protecting you from depression.

3. Workout daily
Exercise has always proved to be helpful to prevent depression and negative thinking. Give your body at least 30 minutes in 2020. Walking or running are two workouts in which there is no fee to be paid. Only 10,000 steps a day can be healthy. Yoga is also considered helpful to keep life positive.

4. Keep proper distance from social media
A special way of addiction has emerged through mobile phones these days. From morning to evening, being connected on the internet or social media, all negative news and things start filling in the mind. In such an environment, it is better to stay away from mobile and internet for some time every day. Spend at least a few hours with your family or friends without a mobile. They not only make you positive, but also help you to avoid unnecessary tension and depression.

5. Help others
We always think about our betterment. But helping others also makes you positive. Giving someone a lift in their bike or car, helping others find a way also makes you positive. Also, listening to your friends and relatives and then giving advice on their problems is also a kind of help. Once you start doing this, you will feel yourself a better positive person.

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