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Indian Railways revises the fundamental passenger fare | The most important information of this 12 months for railway passengers, can be to learn and calculate the cash – jj

Indian Railways revises the fundamental passenger fare | The most important information of this 12 months for railway passengers, can be to learn and calculate the cash


new Delhi: Railways has made New Year's journey expensive for passengers. The Railway Ministry on Tuesday increased the passenger fare by 1 to 4 paise per km maximum. The increased rates will be applicable from midnight i.e. 01 January 2020. Passengers traveling long distances will be affected by the increased fares.

According to the Railway Ministry, there has been an increase of one paisa per kilometer in normal trains, while basic fare has been increased by two paise per kilometer in sleeper class in Mail and Express trains. At the same time, in all classes of AC, this increase is four paise per kilometer. However, local and suburban (suburban) trains have not been included in the rail fare hike. The fare in these trains will remain the same as before.

If you understand this directly, if you have to travel 100 kilometers, then in normal trains, one rupee in second class and Rs 2 in sleeper, while in AC class you will have to pay 4 rupees more. Now there will be a big impact on those traveling long distances in railways.

It has also been said in the circular that no change will be made in reservation fee, superfast surcharge etc. Also, the difference of fare on tickets booked before 1 January 2020 will not be charged from the passengers.

It also states that the fares of premium trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Humsafar, Vande Bharat, Duronto, Rajya Rani, Mahanama, Gatiman, Garibrath, Jan Shatabdi, Yuva and Suvidha Express are also proposed to be increased as per the notified fare table. to the extent

Understand – Mathematics of fare hike
Think of it as such that if you have to travel from Delhi to Bhopal, that is, about 700 kilometers, then in the sleeper you will now have to pay 14 rupees more in AC class. The increase in passenger fares in sleeper class means that for the distance of 997 km from New Delhi to Patna, passengers will now have to pay an additional Rs 20 per ticket. For AC coaches, passengers will have to pay Rs 40 more for the same distance. Apparently, the increase in rail fare will be higher for long distance passengers.

The increase was very important
Zee News had told you last week that the Railway Ministry is going to increase fares and this can be implemented from the beginning of the year 2020. The Railway Ministry has given its kind argument behind increasing the fare. The Ministry says that after implementing the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, the financial burden on the Ministry of Railways was greatly increased, so the increase in fares became very important. Explain that 13 lakh employees work in the railway.

Railway's reasoning behind fare hike
The reasoning of the Railways behind increasing the fare is also that already the operating expenses of passenger trains are very high in the railways and the Railways are incurring losses continuously. Therefore, it was necessary to increase the fare of passenger trains. However, the Railways has also claimed that the fare is being increased in order to provide better arrangements for passengers from the station to the trains during the journey, i.e. the Railways claim that the increased fare will be charged from you in the new year, In return, he will provide you better facilities.

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