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JDM charity cruise down beneath ( NSX and EVO interview movies ) – jj

JDM charity cruise down beneath ( NSX and EVO interview movies )

Today, (Sunday the 23rd) Geelong’s Eastern Gardens saw about 100 modified cars that resembled something of a scene from the movie “Fast and Furious” and all for a heart felt cause. Geelong based rapper JamieP who is no stranger to combining his passions with his love for helping others, organised the “Smiles For Miles” Modified car meet and BBQ to help raise money to build a water tank in the Afar region of Ethiopia.

The Smiles For Miles group’s (SMF) most recent project has them working closely with the Afar Pastoral Development Association (AFPD) to raise funds to build a water tank in the Afar region of Ethiopia (an area that a lot of main stream charities forget about). This water tank will provide tap water for people in 2 separate communities. Two weeks ago SMF held a fund raising dinner (where Jamie also performed) that was completely sold out with over 250 people attending.

JamieP, an avid car enthusiast himself organised an invite only event that strictly stated “NO HOONS ALOUD!” All that showed up were expected to pay a $10 donation to the charity and in turn they received a professional photo of their car from renound auto photographers Tim from TMC Media and Dishan Marikar. Their was also a raffle for a $600 remote control car that was generously donated by Hearns Hobbies.

All up the final profits for the day came to $766, all of which will be directly donated to the water tank fund. The day was a complete success with all having a good time and no bad behaviour of any sort to be seen all day. It was a great day for the Victorian car scene and really hammered through the point that just because we love cars, it doesn’t make us the hoons that less informed people label us to be.

P.S special thanks go to Vyet Le and Danny Dai for helping in a big way to get the word out about this meet


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