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Preserve Federal Pension Funds out of China's Fingers – jj

Preserve Federal Pension Funds out of China's Fingers

Washington, D.C.— All other things being equal, the U.S. Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is going to start investing the pension funds of past and present government employees and military personnel in the stocks of Communist Chinese companies, including some known to violate American sanctions, steal our technology and enable the build-up of the PRC’s police state apparatus, fortified South China Sea islands and military capabilities. On Thursday, September 12, the Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) will hold a Threat Briefing to express strong opposition to such a reckless action and to urge that the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) not be put in the service of our enemies.



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  1. DECOUPLE! Time for a divorce. Starve these commies of dollars. Kick them out of our country. Isolate them. Expose their American co-conspirators. We will soon have robotic manufacturing where we can MAKE all of our own shoes, clothes, pens, and brightly colored plastic shit. De-Index their companies. NO MORE BUSINESS WITH CHINA UNTIL THE COMMUNIST PARTY IS GONE.

  2. The USA is paying for it’s enemy’s bullets and guns and military and much more.
    China is an enemy, like it or not
    China defeated India in war, enemy’s enemy is a friend, the US should strongly ally and align with India is democratic not communist, capitalists not state controlled, no IP theft and not adversary to the US

  3. Excellent move to Keep Federal Pension Funds out of Communist China……. USA must STOP CAPITAL FLOW to Communist China.
    Mr. President Donald Trump please continue the US trade war with Communist China until their economy collapse……..
    If we stop now we can not stop Communist China in the Future. We will lost more Industry and our Children future. We have to face and STOP Communist China NOW with other means.

  4. As HK iron lady said, " chinese are lawless, deceiving ppl. Abusers of human rights, threat to humanity." The FBI official said, 95% of chinese students, professors, and chinese are in the US are spies for chinese red party" They are not my words falks!! You go check your selves.Democrats- Leftiests-Liberals are responsible for all these mess!!

  5. Thank all of you, gentlemen, for your correct yet very late understanding of the urgent critical situation of CCP’s threat. True, your capital, your naïve pacification, blind to CCP’s villainous nature, has been nurturing the regime so big that it is now powerful enough, arrogant enough, to do anything at will to anyone who dares question or oppose its bad will and bad deed. Look at HK. PLA, as a tool of CCP, not only impersonate HK police and cruelly attack and beat and imprison HK peaceful protesters but also impersonate HK protesters these days and instigate and conduct violence and do other tricks to make excuses for further suppression (they have been successfully doing such dirty things in mainland China, on June 4 30years ago, in Tibet, in Xingjiang, etc.). Investors or capitalists or businessmen who don’t care about CCP’s immoral nature will end up in the stomach of the immoral monster themselves sooner or later. Any “rope” theory is nil unless immediate action is taken. Pls help HK young protesters. They are in danger. Pls act before it’s too late! If HK young protesters lose, then the free world, or the whole world will lose.

  6. Thank you again for all for this important information for all citizens….People really have to take a hard look at their investments if they are in agreement with the hard work that POTUS is doing…we can have an impact in a small way, if we look at what our 401k, retirement funds are investing in. China's policies are not about compromise, it is about take-over of capitalism to transform it into slavery as they have in their country. They are fearful of feeding their people.. just look at how much acreage they are buying up in Africa…

  7. Thank you all … Hillsdale et al (I listen to Larry Arn (sp?) every Friday on radio. for all you do. and to Hillsdale for Imprimis… I love the thoughtful dialogue and I hope the powers that be are listening. It will be painful to extricate ourselves, but it must be done…

  8. I think the audio is being hacked by the CCP. Come on guys, get your act together. This information is so very important and you continue to miss the mark in professionalism regarding your videos and audio.

  9. China was never the scumbag as HK was the initial place that got badly hurt in 1995 prior to handover back to China cause Wall Street Investors cinvinced the local government to keep the financial sector there FREE FROM REGULATION. this is what they did to your money after HK. China was aware and couldnt do anything cause of the border and didnt want to superseed 1 Country 2 System. China didn't open their financial and banking to Western System because of this problem as well as when money gets into CHINA they have stricter regulation to prevent capital flight cause Long term investment is what China wants and don't like Investors to Speculate in their financial market for the purpose of quick profit. Please Check out Other media outlets beside those from America or Checkout Ray Dalio who is a much far sighted investor as compared to Wall Street Guys. Another reason is that CHINA is willing to build public infrastructure for business to florish there. Your currrent President doesn't even have a plan for infrastructure and the democratic system of politics makes a lot of noise but unable to govern well. WAtch this video https://youtu.be/Mh0vEaac78U

  10. Guys don't be crazy, If reputable investors like warren buffet, ray dalios and bill gates i has started to invest long term there, it should be very safe as if you leave the funds here, your president will use the funds to prop up WALL STREET that is already full of toxic IPO's the recent IPO of WeWork is a bloody pyrami8d schemes. Your Banking system has been breached by goldman sach and all the risk taking fund managers that do short term speculation rather then investing for 5-10 years, it will be much safer to have some funds in China as they are beginning to develop and have more opportunities for growth cause they are just starting to create local consumpsion. The president and treasury secretary is facing liquidity problem now and they are giving bad advice so that the funds that has been invested there already gets repatriated ASAP as something fishy is already coming. The recent congressional hearing with the trsury secretary has said that the Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae after 2008 bail out with tax payers money hasn't improve and had gotten worst!! Please check following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy_xMOiIfQ0&list=PLkjWi2N0lVCMdKqmtBbzHxmCJZ8RBNWWk&index=2&t=2623s

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