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Malfunkshun – The Phrases of Love – 1983/84 Stay – the Metropolis – jj

Malfunkshun – The Phrases of Love – 1983/84 Stay – the Metropolis

This is the first of many videos to come by Malfunkshun. Biggest thank you to JOE MAILLOUX for bringing his video camera to the show and producing this …



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  1. I so recognise that baseline I have the actual recording of this song it’s called Flying-Frying off their Furz-n-Budz Demo funny enough I have the actual recording of these songs that was played at this live show it is so amazing to hear these songs. 😊 They were so Punk back than I hope Kevin keeps making music. Such an amazing guitarist.☺️

  2. There was NO other person/performer like him! Am glad to have seen Kevin on some vids w/a band, recently! he's so talented too, what a sweet family & so sad for their HUGE loss. Beautiful Xana too, they made such an adoreable couple. Andy could make ANYBODY smile!

  3. Wow! I didnt know there was any actual Malfunkshun video out there. Ive had the hand full of recordings that exist since the late 80s but had never seen them play. MLB was as close as I got to this. Just awesome. Thanks.

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