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Marriage – Pricey Muslim Convert – Ep2 – jj

Marriage – Pricey Muslim Convert – Ep2

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  1. Dean means strong iman he doesn't have to be the most religious person dean means strong belief bcos some are Muslim but they do not have proper faith example some claim they ar Muslim but they do not believe that u have to follow the prophet another example there ar Muslim who does not believe that the Quran is gods word there ar many examples these Muslims don't have dean other wise Muslim who is not so religious but has strong iman faith love Islam he has dean and marriage is about finding good mach in Islam

  2. Do the Istiharah 2 rakaat sunnat prayer at midnight 3 nights straight in a row. Make dua unto Allah in the last sujud in your heart (if you know Arabic, you may say it in Arabic) to show you if the person is compatible with you and so on and so forth as you so desire. Also after you finish the prayer repeat the dua. Then go to sleep. If you have good dream, that means positive, otherwise negative. If no dream at all, it's ok if your are still interested. Preferably recite surah Al ikhlas in the prayer 7x and 5x respectively.

    If you don't know anything about Istiharah prayer, ask someone who knows. Else just say the niat that you want to do Sunnat Istiharah in your heart and takbir. Allah knows. Istiharah is to ask Allah for sign if the endeavour you are taking is good or not. Not necessarily for marriage, it can be for any other, like opening a business or whatever. BarakAllah.

  3. reverts, If you find that coming from a different cultural circumstance is hindering you, money talks. I don't care how her father thinks he's going to lay the hammer down and play the "outsider" card. When I'm reaching out my arm down to you from a higher place, offering your daughter a way out of poverty, you would be a fool not to accept it. As an entrepreneur, I can offer you a better life. But go ahead and stay where you are, with your satanic prejudice if you are so stubborn and arrogant as to treat a good man like a leper.

    There are plenty of women who would probably love to marry me.

  4. My mom who is currently a Christian is dating a Muslim man and recently she told me that she plans to revert to Islam soon and they will be getting married soon after that. He is not asking her to do it, and she is doing it by choice and he is not very traditional anyways but he does practice. This puts me in a strange situation, because that would make me the only non-Muslim in the house, especially if they have kids who would be raised as Muslims.
    What do you think that would be like and do you expect any issues arising? Any advice?

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