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PHOTOS: CDS Gen Bipin Rawat new uniform will seem like | PHOTOS: The uniform of India's first CDS is basically sturdy, you’ll too – Salute – jj

PHOTOS: CDS Gen Bipin Rawat new uniform will seem like | PHOTOS: The uniform of India's first CDS is basically sturdy, you’ll too – Salute


New Delhi: First Chief of Defense Staff of the country i.e. CDS The name of the government has been formally announced. Former Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has been made the first Chief of Defense Staff of the country. Bipin Rawat will be the biggest military advisor to the government. On 31 December, Bipin Rawat retired as the Chief of Army Staff. Lieutenant General Manoj Mukund Narwane has succeeded him as the Chief of Army Staff. After the formation of CDS, people were curious about how the uniform of CDS chief would be. Where will be his office, what will be the work of CDS. So let us tell you all the things related to CDS that you do not know.

CDS Uniform
The office of CDS will be on the second floor in South Block and their uniform will be of parent service. That is, even after the formation of CDS, General Rawat will be seen in Olive Green Uniform. The basic uniforms of CDS will remain their service, only the rank badges and logo will be changed.

The car flag of CDS will be something like this. Photo courtesy: – @adgpi

If ever they become CDS from Airforce or Navy, then their basic uniform will also be their service. At the same time, some changes have been made to represent the three armies in uniform.

Something like this will be the cap of CDS. Photo courtesy: – @adgpi

There will be a maroon patch with a golden rank to represent all three services on the shoulder. The cap and badge of CDS will also be different to represent the three services. Regarding this, ADGPI has made some tweets on Twitter. In this, he has given pictures of belt buckle, cap, car flag etc.

Buckle of CDS belt. Photo courtesy: – @adgpi

Role of CDS?
The Chairman of the first three armies of India, ie CDS, will be the head of the Department of Military Affairs under the Ministry of Defense. CDS will be able to contact the Defense Minister directly on issues related to defense matters and will be able to give feedback.

Button.photo Sincerely: – @adgpi

All the combined command of the three armies i.e. Tri Service Command will now be under CDS. After the Kargil war, the CDS was recommended by the Kargil Review Committee and Naresh Chandra Committee.

Better coordination between armies
This will enable better coordination between the three armies as well as proper use of the defense budget. Officers of the three armies will be under the command of the Training School i.e. National Defense Academy CDS. Apart from this, Armed Forces Medical Service, Engineering Service and National Defense College will also be under the command of CDS.

The shoulder batch of CDS will be like this. Photo courtesy: – @adgpi

Plan for the future
The most important responsibility of the CDS will be to make future strategies. In future, CDS will also do the work of planning the combined command of the three armies. The CDS will be a member of the Defense Acquisition Council, or DAC, to make proper use of the budgets for the three services.

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