Photo voltaic Eclipse 2019: Right this moment is a round photo voltaic eclipse, All You Want To Know | Surya Grahan 2019: Right this moment is the annular photo voltaic eclipse, know its specialty


Amavasya feels eclipse

Amavasya feels eclipse

Eclipse is a wonderful miracle of nature, if seen from astrological point of view, unprecedented unique, bizarre astrological knowledge, explains the movements of planets and satellites and their nature. This event always happens on Amavasya.

  Where to see

Where to see

The last solar eclipse of 2019 will be seen in India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Guam, in addition to a partial eclipse in Asia, Australia and other parts of Africa.

What is beliefs?

Our sages have forbidden food at the time of solar eclipse, because they believed that germs spread with abundance at the time of eclipse. The microbes collect food items, water etc. and contaminate it, so the sages have asked to put the kush of the characters, so that all the germs can get collected in the kush and they can be thrown after the eclipse, the law of bathing after the eclipse Designed so that during the bath the heat flow inside the body increases, the germs inside and outside are destroyed and washed away.

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