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Tagged – Prepping on a Funds – jj

Tagged – Prepping on a Funds

I’ve been tagged by Badbrainprep to discuss ways to prep on a budget. Here’s his original video


Please post any money saving ideas you have through a video response or in the comments section. People are struggling out there. Thanks!

Note: The canister I’m using is the 2.5 quart size. It’s not quite tall enough for standard quart jars. Look for the 3 quart size canister, it’s 2 inches taller and will be tall enough to vacuum seal standard quart jars.


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  1. We have a small group that are our best friends and when we find a good buy on something in bulk we buy it, can it and then split it. It makes the items affordable, the canning time fly by and wonderful fellowship and strengthens our relationships.

  2. I have a few money savers you may be interested in.  The first is having a soap dispenser that has aeration.  Use far less soap.  Also a sprayer with aeration I got from Pampered Chef to spray oil such as making your own PAM.    I just bought a Kandle Heater which generates temperatures 180 degrees.  You can use a candle or electrical he sells both types and a wonderful man to buy from.  I also purchased a motorized bike which gets 168 miles to the gallon.  I use a steel ring pot cleaner which is great with cast iron pots.  SOS steel wool pads are expensive, don't last long, and rust your sink if left too long.  I also have a old fashion hair dryer that you pull the hood over the head type and use it as a dehydrator.  I grow my own mushrooms.  I have gotten a few storage containers from the grocery store when buying whole flats of vegetables that are great to store canning jars in and much more durable.  Make own laundry soap and dishwasher soap.  Johnson's baby shampoo is cheap and everyone can use it as it is pH balanced and better than most shampoos that are salon grade.  I use surgical towels and buy them by the case to use in the kitchen and all chores.  Wonderful as they do not leave lint behind.  The older they get the better they get.  Way better than wash clothes.  I have a few battery operated light bulbs,  These are self hanging and great in closets or to use if electric goes out.  I prefer the Excalibur dehydrator ,  It is faster and easy clean up. Be sure to get the rolls with it for dehydrating softer items or liquid items.  Have all the canners and just bought one for sealing dry foods in steel cans.  I will see how that goes.  No cable…. it is all negative anyway and I use the time to live life not watch someone else live it.  Must have solar powered lights and phone charger.  Clothes line to dry and yes they even dry in winter.  Store tons of flour, baking soda, vinegar.  Use knox gelatin in place of eggs  1 tea +1 egg.  Buy it by the pound 1 pound =196 eggs.  Drape a wet towel over a clothes hanger in a weaved fashion and place a fan to blow the wet towel and soon you will be too cold.  It works!!!!!  I don't use free jars just because the irregular shapes of the jars I am not able to stack the jars evenly and then waste space.  The uniformity is more important at this time to be able to really stash I quantity.  Bought a cheese press but by the time you get the supplies, rennet, etc, storage, price of milk, time, I have found it better to buy at the store…. now but a cheese press on hand is valuable.  

  3. I have to comment here, I just saw my post and it says 44 years ago .. Lordy I don't think I knew what a computer was 44 years ago..  but Neoprepper asked if the canister method of sealing a jar was a good as the lid attachment you can purchase for the foodsaver that seals jars.  Yes it is as good if not better way to seal jars.  I use it more than the attachment and the spaghetti jar and such will seal sometimes you need to warm up the seal I think perbain has a video on that where she puts the lids between a heating pad.. I haven't tried that but I might if I get a lid that won't seal.  I just steam blanched a batch of celery with baking soda in the water and dehydrated them and they are so pretty and dark green and they rehydrate better and actually taste like celery.. hope it helps someone.;)

  4. I was looking through your videos and listened to one about canning butter. I find that canning butter is fine but the taste of the 'ghee' is not to my liking. You had bought some 'butter bud' type stuff from myspicer. They have the dried butter which I have tased and yuck-o. Was the type of 'butter' you bought the one for the popcorn? If not send me a reply at nancywayne3@yahoo.com to let me know since I want to which one for sure. Do like your ideas and finds. Thanks

  5. PART 2 I also saved up to get an EXCALIBER dehydrator It has 9 large trays and can be used to dehydrate foods-but you can also make yogurt or a good place to raise bread. I know these are considered expensive items but they pay for themselves so fast it is amazing. They are both made in the USA by American workers and that is the other reason I bought them. I am tired of our money going overseas and a lot of the time the quality is not good.

  6. Great Video I saved up and bought a All American Canner. If you watch eBay and Amazon they have good sales. When I canning I can get 16 pints in there at a time OR 7 Quarts. Since it is just my husband and I eating this food most often I use pints. PART 1

  7. Pork is even cheaper. I get it regularly for barely over $1.00 a pound. I cube and can it for sweet and sour, and grind it for sausage, and spaghetti sauce.
    The only bad thing, you have to buy restaurant quantities. Usually about 15 or 20 pound chunks of meat.
    I looked on-line to see how to break it down into manageable chunks, and I can do it. So can you.
    I buy meat, potatoes, onions, and dry beans at cheap prices. Dry beans are about $15.00 for 25 pounds, less on sale.

  8. This is my very best, most money saving idea. I buy at restaurant supply stores. I buy big chunks of meat, and cut them up. I pay about 1/3 less than in a store, even on sale. I watch the sales in the restaurant supply, and I buy top sirloin for less than fatty, sale hamburger. Some I cube and can for stew, some I chili grind, some regular, patty and freeze, some meat loaf and freeze, some I make London broil, and some into cube steak. I get a lot of meals for less than $55.00.

  9. usually I can find them for 20 for about 2-3 dollars. Have started saving my olive jars as well as the small fancy relish jars to fill with garlic and roasted garlic powders to give as gifts.
    you tube is my greatest savings as I find recipes and ideas and don't have to go out and purchase new recipe books.
    Ask friends and neighbours to save their jars make a deal that for every 5 they get for you, you will give them a pint jar of some canned item.
    there are lots of ways to save on jars.

  10. I have just recently started preserving. have a pressure canner, use a roasting pan for the hot water bath canning, have a dehydrator new, had 2 one old one new but the old one died the other day so next time they are available in town (hunters bought all that were here) will be getting another one. Just got a food saver and am looking for the vacum sealer for jars.
    I went to the thrift store and got a haul of 50 canning jars and 10 regualr jars for $3. I go to yard sales and pick up other jars

  11. Thanks for another great video. Like you, I finally figured out that combining foods that I usually would anyway, will save space and weight. Those Nesco dehydrators are just amazing. They will indeed pay for themselves easily if people will just use them.

  12. I've found that if you are sealing very fine stuff like powdered milk it's best to use the canister instead of the lid attachment. The fine stuff can get sucked into your vacuum pump and ruin it. The canister allows for more space between the actual lid of your jar and the vacuum hose.

  13. Oh, and I make homemade hot-process soap too, so I know THAT is also non-toxic and safe to put on even food plants.
    As it turns out, making soap is almost as easy as making soup! If you've never tried it, lots of YT videos are around to help you learn. Don't be fooled by high prices in stores. Soap is no trouble. And making your own you can add whatever ingredients YOU care about. And try soapcalc..com to create your own recipes. Everyone'll think you're a genius.

  14. Ooooh, pressure! Gotta come up with something useful to say…
    All I know that may be useful is that I can wash my hair with1T baking soda dissolved in 1C water, and use a similar dilution of vinegar as "conditioner", and I've done without regular shampoo/conditioner for years now. Also, sometimes I plug my tub while showering and use that gray water to water my vegetables, since I know it's non-toxic. Could be useful in a drought.

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