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Winter, World Warming and Western Disturbance | Is there a reference to international warming of extreme chilly? Additionally know Western Disturbance – jj

Winter, World Warming and Western Disturbance | Is there a reference to international warming of extreme chilly? Additionally know Western Disturbance


new Delhi: When private interests start dominating, then neither will the interest of the country remain. Nor of the environment. It is the result of deteriorating environment that. At this time the entire North India. Facing the historic winter of the century. It is freezing in the month of December. The horrific winter in this month is not surprising. But in the month of December in Delhi, it is so cold after 118 years. This is definitely surprising. In such a situation, the question arises that why are it so cold in North India?

Isn't it strange that Delhi is colder than Shimla? The biggest question is also that. When the world is in the grip of Global Warming. How is it getting so cold? Ideally, the heat should be felt even in this month. Today we will answer these questions in simple language. But first see some pictures of severe cold ..


In the main picture, the temperature of the Earth is shown through colors. Red color is showing hot and blue color is showing cold areas. We should understand from another picture that it is very hot. Why else does it get cold? In the second picture, you can see how the sun's rays fall on different parts of the earth.

winter 2

Above and below the earth. The rays of the sun do not fall directly on the parts appearing in blue. Night stays in these areas for 24 hours in winter … because the sun does not come out here. These two parts of the earth are called Polar Zones. And here the snow remains frozen throughout the year.

Similarly, the rays of the sun fall directly on the earth in the yellow area. Therefore, there is more heat here. In the third picture, you can understand the wind direction in a Polar Zone with a red color line. Here the air flows very fast in a circular shape. That is, the area through which this air flows is generally extremely cold.

winter 3

In the fourth picture like this, with two yellow lines you can understand in which direction the wind flows in the hot area. Now here we have to understand the impact of Global Warming. If the Earth is not vulnerable to Global Warming .. then the winds of the area coming between the red and yellow lines will be balanced. And they usually flow in their respective areas.

winter 4

But as the Earth starts to get warmer than normal, the speed of cold winds in the Earth's Polar Zones starts to slow down. At the same time, the winds of the warm region of the Earth spread and start reaching the Polar Zone. Because the cold air of the Polar Zone weakens. She starts flowing towards the hot area. This is the reason that the heat increases in the Polar Zone, but in the hot area, a cold winter begins.

winter 5

This system of climate is called Polar Vortex. Now understand from another picture what effect this system has on the weather of India. In this picture, the deep blue stripe is that pressure of air. Which is called Western Disturbance. This is due to the Polar Vortex the pressure of cold air in Central Asia, which enters India from the west.

winter 6

This is the western wind which has brought severe cold in North India today. Weather system. Which is in the Polar Zone .. The same system is being seen in the Himalayas and North India. This is the reason why Delhi is getting colder than Shimla. Because the cold winds of the Himalayas are coming towards Delhi. And the warm winds of North India are moving towards the Himalayas.

This is the side effect of Global Warming. Which we all have to face. Before proceeding with the analysis, let us tell you… what meteorologists say on this. When it is time to change the calendar, that time is most dangerous for your heart.

That is, you should take special care of your heart in the last December and the first week of January. Because according to a research, at the same time heart attack cases are the highest. What is the risk of your heart from cold all over the country … and how can you protect yourself from it. You can understand all this by looking at our special report today.


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