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Arm Exercise Workouts : Forearm Curl Train – jj

Arm Exercise Workouts : Forearm Curl Train

Forearm muscles are important to strengthen gripping power. Learn a few exercises to workout this muscle and tone and strengthen it from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Noah Steinberg
Bio: Noah Steinberg is a Certified Personal Trainer who has an active personal training practice in the western Massachusetts area.
Filmmaker: David Pakman


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  1. wow after 9 months someone responded to what i said.

    well i was working out at that time, and i still workout now and after some tiny experience i've gained i must say that isolating your forearms is not that bad lol ; )

  2. amm thas not a curl, theres o rolling motion
    this is more a grip exercise ,
    for forearm you shouldn't roll the weight in your palm but better of just keep it at the end of your hands (holding it with your fingers) and slowly curl up contract at the top then down ..

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