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Buddy Holly – Phrases of Love (1956) – jj

Buddy Holly – Phrases of Love (1956)



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  1. There is actually a Buddy Holly & the Crickets version of "Words of Love" that is almost indistinguishable from the Beatles cover of the song. I once owned the 45 rpm single and a Buddy Holly Anthology album on 8-Track (both now long gone) with this much superior (commercial ?) version of "Words of Love". So, why is THIS version nowhere to be found today, while several lamer "backroom session" or "garage" versions prevail?

  2. In 50 years, when we discover time travel, I'm going back to 1959 and fixing Buddy's tour bus' heater. Sure the future would likely be changed drastically – however, a future with a living Buddy sounds damn good to me. Cheers.

  3. E' come voler capire perchè Battisti scriveva le sue canzoni nel suo stile. I Fabs hanno "filtrato" le influenze musicali del loro periodo: il primo rock and roll, Elvis, e così via. Ecco perchè sono diventati Beatles: Words of Love interpretata dai Fabs è di una freschezza che nemmeno Holly poteva dare. Non credete?

  4. @wpfairbanks uh doggie…. there is definitely at least one other person harmonizing on that part, or he layered two (or more) tracks of his own voice. sorry to point out a flaw doggie just gotta state facts you know? keep the youth informed and shit

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