DPVAT insurance will have 68% reduction for cars; check out full table

The National Council of Private Insurance (CNSP), linked to the Ministry of Finance, released, on Friday (27), the new values ​​of DPVAT for 2020.
For cars, the fare will be $ 5.23, down 68% compared to this year, and for bikes will be $ 12.30, 86% reduction.
The recovery is still mandatory next year because, on 19th, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) decided to suspend the provisional measure (MP) of President Jair Bolsonaro, released in November, which provided for the termination of insurance.
Payment must be made on the due date of the single IPVA quota or the first installment of each state, according to Seguradora Líder, current DPVAT administrator.
The slips must be generated on the insurer's website.
Check out the DPVAT 2020 values:
Car, taxi and rental car: R $ 5,23
Mopeds: $ 2.67
Trucks: $ 2.78
Buses and minibuses (without freight): R $ 8,11
Bus and minibus (with freight): R $ 10,57
Motorcycle: R $ 12,30
Why did it get cheaper
Currently, the DPVAT fund has a surplus of R $ 5.8 billion because, according to the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep) – federal agency linked to the Ministry of Economy – corruption problems have led to an incorrect pricing of insurance value.
"Corruption in DPVAT payments, discovered by the Federal Police's Operation Time for Awakening, was systemic, ranging from the operation of the insurance administration to the payment of claims," ​​said Solange Vieira, the city superintendent.
The goal is to use this stored value for the next three years, the maximum claim time.
Thus, if the number of accidents remains within the statistics, the DPVAT value should remain unchanged over the next four years.
After that, by using the reservation, the tendency is to increase the price of the fare again.
More insurers by 2021
Susep also announced the end of the Leading Insurer's monopoly in managing DPVAT, which is currently the sole manager.
Proposals must be submitted by August next year.
However, by 2021 it is expected that insurance will already be a product offered by many companies and that the driver can choose which insurer he wants to contract.
The municipality has said it must set a ceiling price for DPVAT, but insurers may charge different prices to each other – based on the Economic Freedom Act – to dispute customers.
DPVAT (Personal Injury from Motor Vehicle) insurance, established by law since 1974, covers death, permanent disability or additional medical and insurance (DAMS) expenses for minor injuries caused by traffic accidents throughout the country. the country.
Insurance is annual and compulsory for all vehicle owners.
DPVAT offers coverage in the event of death, with a maximum indemnity of R $ 13,500;
permanent disability R $ 13,500;
and Medical expenses R $ 2,700.
This value will remain unchanged.
The due date is in conjunction with that of IPVA, and payment is a requirement for the driver to obtain the annual license of the vehicle.
Victims and their heirs (in the event of death) have a period of three years after the accident to file insurance. Information on how to receive DPVAT can be obtained by calling 0800-022-1204.
From the total collected by DPVAT:
45% is destined for the Unified Health System (SUS);
5% goes to the National Traffic Department (Denatran);
50% goes to claims and administrative expenses.


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    Existe alguma forma para resolver estás dúvidas e se o juros são muito altos ?
    Estou extremamente preocupada e sem saber como sanar está dívida professor Walter !
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