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First CDS Basic Rawat and his disputed assertion – jj

First CDS Basic Rawat and his disputed assertion


General Bipin Rawat

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General Bipin Rawat took over as Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) on 1 January 2020. They will now work in coordination between the three forces of water, land and air. However, many political parties are angry at his appointment.

Former Chief of Army Staff General Rawat has given several political statements. Congress leader Manish Tiwari has termed him the decision to make CDS wrong. Communist Party leader D. Raja has said that the current government has given him the award.

However, General Rawat has said that the country's military forces 'live far away from politics' and work on the instructions of the ruling government.

He said, "I assure you that the Army, Navy and Air Force will all work as a team. The CDS will have a control over them but any action will be taken with teamwork."

Also Rawat said that 1 + 1 + 1 should not only be 3 but it should be 5 or 6, it should be more than the total deposit and they will work on it.

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General Rawat was in the discussion about the statements

While being the Chief of the Army, many statements of General Bipin Rawat were in the news.

Recently, the statement about General Bipin Rawat which sparked discussion was his statement against the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC. He said that this law is being opposed in many parts of the country and violence has taken place during the protest in many areas.

General Rawat had said, "As we are seeing that many university and college students are leading the crowd in thousands who are committing violence and arson in our cities. This is not leadership. The leader is that Which leads you in the right direction and gives the right advice. "

However, opposing his statement, he had to say that "the army stays away from politics. It is the job of the army, which is the government, to work according to their orders".

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But this was not the first time that General Bipin Rawat had made a political statement. Earlier, despite being the army chief, he had made many such statements.

In September of 2019, he had said that the communication system in Kashmir is well. All telephone lines are working and people have no problem.

He had said, "Internet and mobile services were banned there after the removal of Article 370 of the Constitution from Jammu and Kashmir. Internet ban is being removed in a phased manner. Mobile SMS services were restored there yesterday. Has been done. "

Criticizing the United Nations report on human rights abuses in Kashmir in June 2018, he said, "I don't think we should take this report seriously. Many of these reports are motivated by malfeasance. The Indian Army on Human Rights Has a much better record. "

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Major Gogoi made a human shield in Kashmir

Illegal migrants But also said

In February 2018, he raised the issue of illegal migrants in Assam and asked for Badruddin Ajmal's party AIUDF, "There is a party called AIUDF. You see, this party has progressed faster than BJP. If we talk of Jana Sangh When he had only two MPs and now where he is, the growth of AIUDF in Assam is more than this. "

His statement was criticized in many circles.

Earlier, General Bipin Rawat defended Army officer Litul Gogoi, who was accused of tying a man to a jeep during his deployment in Kashmir. When these pictures surfaced, there was a lot of criticism in social media.

Tej Bahadur Yadav, a BSF jawan, had complained about giving bad food to the soldiers by putting a post on social media. After this General Rawat had said that the soldiers should avoid the use of social media and should talk to me directly.

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