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gst assortment cross rs 1 lakh crore in december | Authorities will get first excellent news on new 12 months, GST assortment crosses 1 lakh crore – jj

gst assortment cross rs 1 lakh crore in december | Authorities will get first excellent news on new 12 months, GST assortment crosses 1 lakh crore


new Delhi: The figures for the GST collection for the month of December 2019 have arrived. A collection of Rs 1,03,184 crore has been done in the month of December. This is indicating a resumption of the economy's bounce bank, that is, again. Central GST stood at Rs 19,926 crore. State GST stood at Rs 26,792 crore. Inter State GST stood at Rs 48,099 crore. While 81.21 lakh people filled GST return form 3B from November to December.

This collection of GST has increased by 16% over December last year. 94,729 crore was received in December last year. This time in December, most states contributed well in increasing the GST collection. If you analyze the data for the month of December, the highest GST amount is coming from Karnataka according to the amount.

Gujarat is at second place where GST of Rs 6621 crore has been collected. The third is Tamil Nadu, from where a collection of 6422 crores is being done. After this, Uttar Pradesh is the number from where GST collection of Rs 5489 crore is being done. Haryana's number five is where GST of Rs 5365 crore is being received.

If you see the states with the lowest amount, then GST of Rs 1 crore was collected from Lakshdeep in the month of December. 21 crore from Mizoram, 30 crore from Andaman and Nicobar, Rs 31 crore from Nagaland, Rs 44 crore GST from Manipur and Rs 59 crore from Tripura.

But if you look at the percentage figures for 2019 and 2018 in the same month i.e. December, Arunachal Pradesh has the highest collection of 124%, 88% growth is in GST collection from Nagaland, and 64% more GST is received from Manipur. At the same time, Lakshdeep is in minus growth i.e. -78%, Jharkhand is in minus this time according to growth, there was a collection of -3%. Talking about Jammu and Kashmir, GST of Rs 409 crore came in December this time, which is 40% more than last time.

Source: ANI

According to the CBIC (Central Board of Direct Taxes and Customs), an interstate GST refund of Rs 1.12 crore has been given to 83,500 exporters. Very few refunds are pending for those who are in the risk series. Abhishek Rustagi, a GST expert and practitioner, says that "http://zeenews.india.com/"1 is a big thing to cross the lakh crore mark in a single month, it shows that many days of sluggishness are over. Has been Refunds are also being given, it is a good thing, there is a lot of sales in the automobile sector in the month of December, its effect is visible on it. Demand in the economy is returning and by the coming March, all signs of a recovery in the economy will be on the upside again. "Http://zeenews.india.com/"

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