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Make Room within the Price range for a New iPhone if Santa Didn't Convey One – jj

Make Room within the Price range for a New iPhone if Santa Didn't Convey One


So, Santa didn’t bring that new iPhone 11 for Christmas. Maybe you asked for it or maybe you didn’t, but Chad Colby, an agriculture technology consultant, owner of Colby AgTech, and a featured contributor to “This Week in Agribusiness” seen on RFD-TV, says a new device should be included in your budget.

Chad Colby and HAT’s Eric Pfeiffer at the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo. Photo credit/ Chad Colby

“About 80% of agriculture uses Apple devices. If your Apple phone has a button on it that you can physically push on the screen, it’s time to go to the cell phone store and get a different phone because there’s a lot of new technology in that phone. That means you’re about two years out and beyond.”

Colby says that all of the companies that we deal with in agriculture, whether that is your bank, your equipment manufacturer, or your local ag news company who produces a podcast (which, by the way, can be found here), their website and apps are all optimized to work on that higher performing device.

It will also help, a bit, with coverage in rural areas.

“In the last couple weeks, the FCC actually came out with a press release that they’re holding our cellular companies accountable now because, lo and behold, they haven’t been telling the truth about how good our coverage is in remote areas of the country. Certainly, here in Indiana and many places across the country, you don’t get the best cell phone service. And that kind of ties back to the device. If your device is a few years old, that technology has improved greatly. So, you’ll get better coverage with a better phone.”

Colby added that higher performing smart devices will also help in getting real-time data from drones, which are becoming more and more popular in ag.

“If you were (flying drones) four or five years ago, the drone was very much a hobby device. Meaning it was cumbersome, didn’t fly very long, and you crashed them, and they weren’t robust. Today, drones are amazing. The drone I used this year probably has 800 flights on it. Never had an issue, auto-takeoff, auto-land, it works great in wind up to 30 miles an hour.”

Colby encourages farmers to research what tools are available in ag to improve efficiency, and you’ll be able to research much faster on a new device.

Eric Pfeiffer & Chad Colby at the Indiana Farm Expo

indiana farm expo

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