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  1. I sincerely hope we are done with the Buffy plotline! I'm sick of her!! The fashions and the makeup was a Hot Mess! I only liked Toya's hair. I will give QAuad best dressed. What in the world was going on with Contessa? The eyelashes were hideous and I hated the hairstyle!!

  2. Simone was being Petty tryna hurt Quad talking bout Greg is dating & Bragging on who he’s dating and that chick probably just as Basic as they come 🙄 Moving On; Heavenly was on ONE ☝️ I was like what the Hell is going ON! I also got the Vibe that Andy don’t care for Heavenly 👀 Simone is jealous of Jackie and Heavenly Relationship! Dr Jackie really did have the room & Twitter Teary Eyed but I was upset Jackie had to Apologize to Buffy for the 20th time…I’m not a Buffy fan and she don’t need to come back she really needs Therapy

  3. Heavenly had a two story already. Toya is a embarrassment, 7 years of looking for a house she couldn’t afford. All the other women are millionaires, it’s just like sheree. The house is beautiful but keeping up appearances is not worth it

  4. Contessa doing the whatever happened to baby Jane makeup,Quad,and Toya,looked lovely, Jackie and Simone on their way to choir rehearsal, Buffy look pretty,and Andy had a attitude, that question about heavenly son.and Mariahs face looked awful, she needs a new makeup artist,her. dress was nice,heavenly looked better than last time

  5. Loved your review as always!!! I feel you about Ms Buffy…I think she's trying to guarantee her spot on this show…now next season we gotta watch her picking an surrogate great😩. She just so extra and fake to me…I can't!!

  6. I love Contessa. But who did that awful look on her? I loved Simones hair. Jackie looked so small with those bangs. But my Jackie can do no wrong. Great
    Cable-watched review, none of that
    Streamed Clips nonsense. ❤👍

  7. What are you talking about so if someone hurts you in the way Jackie did Buffie you just let it roll of your back and act like it ok because it was Jackie who said it, at the end of the day what Jackie did was foul AF and if she needed to apologize a million times until Buffie felt it was sincere that what she needed to do if she still wanted to be affiliated with Buffie. Just like she said in her apology she should have gave her an heads up that that was her intention to make her an example at her event. Heavenly was completely out of line and need to stay out of people shit. Heavenly is always wrong in my book because she’s not rational and she doesn’t think before she speak. Why she feel like she needs to speak for Jackie, even Jackie had to tap her because she was outta line and Jackie finally felt she had done something wrong after seeing how people reacted to what she did. I glad she finally did the right thing and apologize and I think that the apology Buffie needed the first time but it wasn’t there, now I hope they can move on, but Buffie need to forgive but never forget. Jackie needs to earn back her trust period. I’m sick of people tryna tell Buffie how to deal with her pain. Like that’s just weird AF to me.

  8. James, Heavenly is not jealous of that house of the three level closet that is not really two stories. Why is it that everyone can throw shade at Dr. Heavenly but as soooon as she clapps back it is this or that. Eugene and his wife can not afford 2.million dollar house with on furniture. I bet you in three years they will need to move.

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