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Rory McIlroy's trick shot at Bose announcement at 2013 Honda Basic – jj

Rory McIlroy's trick shot at Bose announcement at 2013 Honda Basic

During a press event to announce his new endorsement deal with Bose, Rory McIlroy did a trick shot with two wedges, ala Tiger Woods in his infamous Nike commercial.


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  1. I want to learn how he gets the ball on the bottom of the club at 0:14. I kind of see the motion; I just can't do it. I have no problem juggling a ball; I just can't do that. It's a pretty cool trick!

  2. I happen to care about the game. I could care less who sees golf as what. I won't dignify those tax deductions with a remark. When you have something intelligent to say, don't. Now go back to watching soccer and biting the pillow.

  3. Hasn't given anything back? Who gives a fuck about the game? Golf has plenty of money from sponsors, etc. Always has done, always will do. They don't need to take winnings from pros.

    You're unaware of his work with charities such as cure for a caddy, rainforest foundation fund and shriners hospital for kids, as well as the Tiger Woods Learning Center and Tiger Woods Foundation.

    His popularity helped people stop seeing the game as something for rich old men, so quit complaining!

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  5. 460cc drivers are awesome as well as rory. Tigers a 37 year old legend who doesn't respect the game. So I like rory because when he's on he was so much better then tiger and on top of that he respects the game which in my view point is better

  6. I used a persimmon wood until a few years ago when I got tired of hacks hitting it as far as me. woods has made more money than god and hasn't given anything back to the game. His popularity caused hacks like you to race out and jam up the courses thinking they could be like him. Thanks for that.

  7. Opinions are like assholes; everyone's got one. You're welcome to yours as I am mine. But I cite reason for my opinion, not "you're an idiot." Too easy. I'm a life long golfer and fan and that chump is bad for the game on many levels. He throws clubs, cusses openly, and is truculent with the media. His name is mentioned whether he's in contention or not, or even at the tournament. This video was about McIlroy anyway. So I may be an asshole, but at least I'm not a sycophantic lemming…

  8. Nice response. Must have taken you all day to come up with that. And you spelled it phonetically, too, without any capitalization. Indicative of the typical woods fanatic; a regular Rhodes Scholar. Tell ya what; take two weeks off…then quit.

  9. Thank god for that since woods is the biggest douche that ever stepped on the course and the worst thing to happen to the game since 460cc drivers, graphite shafts and ballistic balls. McIlroy will be a better representative and ambassador of the game than woods ever was.

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