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Brief 1601

Social Security is a public insurance that aims to ensure that the sources of income of the worker and his family are maintained when he loses his ability to work for some time (illness, accident, maternity) or permanently (death, disability and old age). ). She is responsible for paying various benefits of the Brazilian worker, such as retirement, maternity salary, family salary, sickness allowance, accident allowance and death pension. To be insured by the Social Security, it is necessary to regularly contribute to the INSS, which is the Social Security cashier, which is responsible for collecting the contributions and paying the benefits. are registered can join spontaneously, as individual contributors (self-employed workers and entrepreneurs) or as optional contributors. (BRAZIL, THE COUNTRY OF FRAUDS) “Always wear your seat belt”


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  1. Somente registrando… No posto do (INSS) para saber o tempo de contribuição por tempo de serviço, a demanda é grande, o atendimento é lento e o dinheiro esta com o governo federal, e neste dia estava com menos movimento de pessoas, muito "raro" encontrar a agência da previdência social vazia, mas a vida continua…

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