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Stage Latino Podcast Episode 021 Amós Piñeros. Integral Artist and Audio Specialist. – jj

Stage Latino Podcast Episode 021 Amós Piñeros. Integral Artist and Audio Specialist.

Amos Piñeros, precursor of Colombian Rock! Vocalist of renowned bands like «Ultrageno» and «Tequendama». He has been part of a large number of projects nationally and internationally both in the artistic, technical and, as if that were not enough, he is also a teacher in the area of ​​Audio production.

He tells us that he is currently in the process of mixing the songs recorded this year with the band «Tequendama», in addition to musical productions for other Colombian bands, he tells us about the work as a presenter of a recognized musical reality on a Colombian channel and of his participation in the recording of the anthem of the Indigenous Guard, which has emerged after the days of social protest that are currently being lived in Colombia.

Amos told us about his experience in participating as a sound engineer in the closing stage of the concert day on December 8 in the city of Bogotá, within the framework of the marches of the citizen protest.

He started from a very young age with his music studies, mainly violin at the Tunja conservatory and thanks to the influence of his parents, he has his first approaches to the backstage of great world-class shows, which leads him to gradually link to the medium, initially as an artist. He studied Social Communication and from there he is linked to the technical and audiovisual area both live and in studio.

Amos has a great experience and a very broad spectrum in terms of his perception of the shows, from an artistic point of view as well as from the technical area and tells us about some of his best experiences in both aspects.

«Embarrarla is human and the important thing is to remain calm, not take it personal and always be in the search for the right information». Amos tells us three of those muddles that can happen to anyone and that many will surely feel identified!

«The level of companies and teams in Colombia and in general in Latin America is very good, maybe what is needed is a bit of method and attitude»

Thus we ended a very interesting conversation with another of the great references of the industry. Many thanks to our guest today and to each of you for listening, sharing and commenting on stagelatino.com and on any of the platforms where you listen to us! Until next time Chao Chao!

The coordinates of Amos Piñeros are:

Instagram: amos.pineros —- Facebook: Amospineros – YouTube: Tequendama Music – YouTube: Ensemble – BandCamp: Tote


The music of this podcast is created by Jason Shaw of audionautix.com


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