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Tagged : My most costly and most cost-effective knives – jj

Tagged : My most costly and most cost-effective knives


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  1. Hey stop focusing on his English pronunciation! He speaks fine English im american and I could learn a thing or two having a conversation with him. Did anybody hear the fact that he dressed a deer with his most expensive knife?? Now thats pretty cool. He actually uses his gear their not table top toys.

  2. I been watching your videos and bought many knifes due to your expert opinion thank you sir .. I wanted to ask you do you know or heard of the name Ben Orford uk knife maker ,, the Woodlander classic ,,, why don't you have any of his knifes ?? He has some of the best knifes his wife does all leather works ,, please review one of Ben Orfords knifes

  3. Say Heah, I got pretty lucky. I got one of my all time Fav. Bush Craft/Camp Belt Knife. It's my INFIMandu, Infact I bought (2). I I use with my Battle Mistress and the other one with my Meltdown Fussiin Steel Heart. Both conbos are a lovely piece of kits. If I wasn't I could neck carry or add my Mean Street LE to rather., But as a whole, My INFI Ratmandu is one of my Fav's, But to have (2) is Luck.,,.

  4. My buddy hacked into the Busse mainframe and got access to the recipe for super secret INFI steel. He was expecting to see a complicated formula of carbon, nickel, chromium, vanadium and other elements precisely combined to create the perfect super steel but the only thing in INFI file was the phrases "8CR13MOV" and "Let's Drink". WTF??????

  5. My cheapest knives are Victorinox sd on my wallet zipper, opinel gardening knife, and a few Moras. Most expensive are Grohmann Canadian Belt knife, and an antique authentic kukri I use for batoning sticks. I am on a budget!

  6. Hello sir, I just love the Bark River, as the Busse is way out of my price range. I have been a subscriber for some time and recently turned some friends on to your channel and we sat and watched a whole lot of your videos. You have obviously invested a fair amount into your knives and gear. Your sharpening videos are fantastic. I want to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, thoughts and experiences with us. I am on a disability income so I have little chance of owning these higher priced blades. Your videos are a blessing and are a great resource. Thanks my friend.

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