This isn’t public information – Switch of our whole combating forces, MI6 & Intelligence to the EU

SHARE THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE! Lord James of Blackheath speaking in the House of Lords about the Lisbon Treaty & the transfer of our entire army, MI6, …


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  1. But surly before they commit to any move like leaving the eu or not they will have examined all the possibilitys befoee hand. Ramping up the sense of panic or running out of options i dont get. I mean since this hole brexit thing started information trickels out by the day week or month.

    Last year it was anncouced there may be away to stay in for example. There is like these discovery phases for 3 year of new information this is the latest. Suddenly loard whats it is saying the army will the eu or whatever.

    Its plain silly to me that the crown in possession of the most bigest educated in the land almost had not disected the law in all its artificially? and had no awareness of these rules.

    Video looks over grainy and fake by the way one angle also.l suggesting a lack of real people to mask a homemade one?

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