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Up Soundtrack – Married Life – jj

Up Soundtrack – Married Life

“Married Life” from the soundtrack to Pixar’s Up, by composer Michael Giacchino. The song was used during the montage set early in the film, depicting Ellie and …



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  1. the message of the movie is that the real adventure of life is the relationship we have with other people, and it's so easy to lose sight of the things we have and the people that are around us until they are gone.

  2. My friend in Terraria, said I'm going to a music festival then he said goodbye, 2018 Feb 17 Last Login and Logout, it was longer than that but he came back for one day… I'll never forget Mr.Rich Cave or the pumpkin farm we made, Acrontoff. We had a lot of fun time together, every day I just wake up running to my pc grinding in Terraria waiting for him to get online and once he does … Oh boy, the joy…we talked in politics, we talked about life and he was there when my dad got us a cat and I talked to him about it and he had a fish in a fish bowl but it died. He lived in Brazil I think, then he said: I'm going to a music festival and I'll be playing a musical instrument, Wish me luck… I said: Good luck. I was nine but I think he went to jail after talking in politics and he wanted to like do it in a way that doesn't make me cry because he is getting jailed since I was 9 and…I don't know maybe he was going to a real music festival. I just miss these good old' Terraria days.

  3. I love this version more then the piano version bc it just adds more musical touches and it sounds more emotional and just ooooof I can go on and on. This movie was just so special and not to me but everyone in its own way. I bet u the creators are so glad they made this masterpiece. Thank u Pixar! 🥰

  4. Disney be like:
    Producers: Lets make a movie about a baby lion who finds out who he really is!
    Kill his dad

    Producers: Lets make a movie about a cute baby deer!
    Kill his mom

    Producers: Lets make a movie about a man who uses balloons to fly his house!
    Kill his wife

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