#1 GRACYANNE BARBOSA: Health Mannequin: Workout routines and exercises @ Brazil

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  1. LMAO !!!!! HA HA HA HA !!!!! OMFG !!!! REALLY AT 11:08 she wants youtube world to believe she is leg pressing 22 plates @ 45lbs each…so that's 990lbs plus the sled (what hold weights) which is 100-125lbs..so this is over 1090lbs and she is not even straining…FLAT OUT FUCKIN LYING BIATCH !!!! WHAT A JOKE U ARE…PATHETIC !!!!!!

  2. Fake boobs, fake ass, fake weights.
    She's a victim of Brazil beauty standards.
    Pretty strong for a chick I guess.
    Even ufc women look better.
    This Barbie girl shit never last long and gives off a very temporary vibe.
    Age will not treat her well

  3. Que no tiene asesores que le digan que no es necesario tener esos implantes en el trasero? con ese esfuerzo y disciplina logrará tener un trasero natural sin necesidad de esos implantes feos que solo hacen que no se vea con armonía ni con la simetría que le caracteriza a una mujer unas buenas nalgas, parece culo de gorila!

  4. This is truly impressive.

    She's training in numerous different gyms on such a variety of equipment and with absolutely impeccable form, control and balance.

    I can understand the desire to scrutinise issues like fake plates because it's so unusual to see that weight lifted with that control by anyone, but she is lifting impressive weights not only on the free weight but also on the plate loaded machines and the cables.

    She also then shows incredible postural and core strength in all her core and arm work.

    How many people who are looking at the weight of the squat in disbelief have the flexibility, mobility and obvious core strength that she demonstrates?

    What she actually proves is that squatting and leg training in general massively relies on a range of movement and a beastly strong core.  If more people came to leg day with those in check, they'd be able to lift far more weight. Ask an elite power lifter. Rigid Core and mobility.  

    And it seems apparent that she doesn't do leg day.  Every day is leg day in some fashion for her.  Volume and variety = really good at legs.  

    Taking her videos as a body of evidence, all she demonstrates is that if you have perfect biomech and then execute perfect form with a huge variety of lower body exercises, you will have an amazing shape to your lower body.  The fact that she can also lift heavy too just means you will have size to that amazing shape.

  5. I'm pretty good at spotting ass implants, and she has them. You can tell because when she bends over the bubble us up high on the ass and no meat at the bottom of the ass that connects with the legs, surrounding the anus area. If i'm wrong i'm wrong but I suspect some implantation.

  6. It is sad to see people knock down someone else hard work and passion for something. I don't think all of these gyms are going to have fake weights. If you go to planet fitness of course you are going to think this is fake because most americans do not want to put in the hard work to achieve something great. She is in great shape. This is what happens when you have a clean diet and exercise

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