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21-Yr-Previous Honda CR500 Does Supercross!! – jj

21-Yr-Previous Honda CR500 Does Supercross!!

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Our 2 Stroke Hero Neville Bradshaw returns! This time he’s taking his beastly CR500 and sending it around a Supercross track! If you’ve ever ridden a 500cc motocross bike you’ll know how impressive this is, especially with standard motocross suspension and a unprepared track! Crazy stuff from Mr Bradshaw! It’s all for the love of 2 strokes.

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  1. It's been 25 years long everyone is saying on every single video to not put music on a 2 stroke video !

    But they keep ruining the whole shit with gay music !

    When will you guys stop putting music over engine sound !!!?

    Damn ! aren't you reading the comments under the thousands of videos already edited with music ?

  2. Definitely turn off the Music. Especially during normal play. Slow motion music is fine. You guys have to remember. The CR500 is a Two Stroke. Not a 450 4puke.. Everyone wants to hear the CR500 Two Stroke. Everyone could care less about a 450 4puke…
    I would love to see Bradshaw on a CR500af.. Conversion…

  3. Seems lately YouTube is constantly reminding me of my age and the off road era I'm from. Seeing lots of vids glorifying the 500 two stroke and the comments that come along with it. Probably a lot of younger people that never seen or swung a leg over a CR or KX 500. I Bought a KX500 in '01 for $4500 at 27yrs old and been riding it ever since. I have other modern bikes in the garage but this is my go-to. Probably hundreds of hours of MX tracks, Sand pits, deep woods, GNCC racing and ice racing. Yes modern technology has come along ways and other bikes do things better but to this day still nothing compares to the simplicity and that huge square two stroke bore. Guess I should feel privileged and not take for granted what I have and still and continue to ride. Glad to see vids like these and bikes like this being brought back to life. Respect

  4. A hydraulic clutch better suspension and a pipe or anything to lengthen the powerband and it would be super fun. Unless he has mighty forearms, it would be tough to Supercross for long. More flywheel would help too, so you don't ever stall it.

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