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255. CHILE: THEORY OF CRITICAL DISPLACEMENT. (Sensible utility up to now). – jj

255. CHILE: THEORY OF CRITICAL DISPLACEMENT. (Sensible utility up to now).

1. The social explosion arises, partly directed and planned (such as the attack on the Santiago Metro), and partly spontaneously, and for critical and understandable issues such as inequality, pensions, salaries and health.

2. In view of the overwhelming initial success of the explosion, and the confusion and passivity of the government, – what was interpreted as weakness – sectors of the official left press for a "New Constitution", a "Constituent Assembly" and even resignation of the president. That same left pretends to forget that social criticism also includes it and that many legal and social changes that hurt citizens were his work.

3. Driven by the success of the social explosion groups of criminals, lumpen and drug traffickers begin to loot and burn supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, shopping centers and small businesses (SMEs), and at the same time radicalized sectors and criminal anarchists begin to burn hotels , temples, libraries and toll booths among others.

4. Large organized social and trade sectors call for massive marches and maximize demands. Certain marginal and ideological sectors, which have no acceptance in the elections, even speak of an anti-capitalist revolution. Without any proposal beyond slogans. These sectors, of very low parliamentary representation, to say none, intend to impose the idea that it is the “people” (that is, they) who have the right to impose the actions of politicians, ignoring the entire legal system and structures current state. For these sectors, democracy is only true if what they agree in their popular assemblies is done, but they ignore the will of those who do not participate. For these reasons, these groups are not interested in recognizing the popular will in universal suffrage, which leaves them out of the system of their own free will. If they were safe government, they would impose a totalitarian dictatorship.

5. The legitimate social explosion, very strongly focused on massive concentrations in large cities, begins to blur and delegitimize with looting and other destruction of public and private property. More police repression.

6. The idea of ​​a "New Constitution" – which was not in the original demands – is reinforced by the government, which finally imposes the terms. Part of the left and official opposition supports this proposal and signature. Crisis in the opposition.

7. The government continues the onslaught achieving a parliamentary agreement against the hooded and looting. At the same time he announces a great social plan. Both mobilizations and looting and fires begin to decrease.

8. Police begin their first arrests against activists who caused damage to public and private property. At the same time a massive capital flight begins and the dollar rises. The Metro slowly recovers from damage to its stations. Thousands of layoffs are reported.

9. The imminence of the end of the year festivities activates the trade, reinforces the idea that the human rights of people who pass through the streets, of those who want to be served in hospitals, of those who run SMEs, of that their incomes are diminished, of which they lost their jobs to work in a supermarket or in a hotel burned or looted, etc., also must be respected.

10. The idea is reinforced emotionally that the great social, political and economic conflicts of the country, will be resolved with a new constitution, idea partly true and partly wrong. Many people forget that this was never part of the original idea.

11. Despite everything that has been damaged, destroyed and burned, despite the wounded and deceased, the country continues to function. Experts project a very hard 2020 economic year, which does not seem to be understood yet by the majority of the population. Despite the constitutional accusations the government slowly strengthens, the state has strengthened the intelligence agencies, the left remains disoriented, the right shows its teeth, the trials against the looters begin, the budding social plans are developing, the Like the process of the new constitution, the dollar is heading down.

12. And it is not yet clear what those citizens who did not take to the streets think, which will be known in April at the polls, because of course the municipal consultations are not official.


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