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5Dimes Decreased Juice Betting Odds Defined – jj

5Dimes Decreased Juice Betting Odds Defined

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In this video I demonstrate where to find reduced juice betting odds in the back-end of the 5Dimes sportsbook.

I also compare the 5Dimes reduced juice betting lines to an average sportsbook’s betting odds, to show you how big of a difference it actually makes on every bet you place.

For those you don’t know what reduced juice is, it is basically better odds on either side of each bet you can make. You will find reduced juice lines on the popular sports for straight bets!

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  1. What if you bet football using point spreads instead of money lines? If you like the favorite and you get a half point advantage at -110, (i.e. Cowboys -2.5 over the Redskins with no reduced juice), and another site with reduced juice is offering Cowboys -3, which do you choose, the better line or the cheaper juice? Does it depend on how wide the spread is, or whether it's near a key number, like -7 vs. -6.5, or -14 vs. -15?

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