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Apple faces restrictions in Russia – jj

Apple faces restrictions in Russia


The Russian government has recently passed a new legislation that could affect media and tech companies such as Apple, Netflix, Samsung, Google and more. Beginning June of 2020, all tablets, smartphones, and devices that are sold in Russia will have pre-installed software.

Some of the software includes Russia-developed apps such as the internet browser Yandex and that all data must be on local servers. A RATEK spokesman mentioned that the new legislation will be likely to affect not just Apple but software developers, electronics manufacturers, and consumers as well.

Apple, for one isn’t likely to agree with the legislation as it refuses to change its OS even to phone carriers and specific regions. Moreover, the ones that would modify the system will have to pay royalties for using the Russian apps, which makes the end product more expensive.

Dell, Samsung, Google, and Apple are appealing for a reversal but so far it’s been unsuccessful.

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