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Disc protusion and everlasting incapacity pension. – jj

Disc protusion and everlasting incapacity pension.

In this video, the lawyer in Granada Ramón Escribano Garés (telephone 958-274169) explains whether or not it is possible to apply for a permanent disability pension for regular work or for all types of work due to the suffering of disc protrusions.

We explain, without medical claims, but only and exclusively legal, that it consists of a disc protusion and this to introduce what we are really interested in, which is to know whether or not we could request a pension for this type of injury.
We explain how the injured person with a disc protusion usually has various lesions or diseases associated, such as discoarthrosis, hernias, fibrosis, etc.

In the video we clarify that what really determines to know if a claim would be viable or not is to analyze the limitations that such disc protrusions can cause to the interested party. Therefore, medical reports that objectify the injuries and that also explain and specify these limitations are very important.
After all of the above we have to analyze the physical requirements that are required in the specific work of each person affected by these injuries, to determine whether or not these requirements are compatible with the limitations generated by said disc protrusions or associated medical problems.

With the analysis of all this we will be able to make a feasibility forecast to initiate the claim of permanent disability pension in some of its degrees.

In our law firm we offer to anyone interested the first free telephone consultation service. Call 958-274169 and tell us your case. We will send you a free and no obligation quote to take care of claiming your permanent disability pension.
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NOTE: Each case must be studied in detail and individually to know if these conclusions can be applied to that particular case. The viewing of the video and the reading of this text does not imply any contractual relationship with the law firm.


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