India and Pakistan shared the record of prisoners with one another, this occurs yearly beneath the settlement. India and Pakistan shared record of prisoners with one another



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Updated: Thursday, January 2, 2020, 1:04 (IST)

new Delhi. Between the tensions in India and Pakistan, the two countries have shared the list of prisoners held in each other's jails. On Wednesday, Pakistan submitted to India a list of 55 Indian civilian prisoners, including 227 fishermen in their jails. At the same time, a list of 267 Pakistani civilian prisoners including 99 fishermen imprisoned in India is also given to Pakistan in India.

India and Pakistan shared list of prisoners with each other

Explain that under the provisions of the Diplomatic Access Agreement between India and Pakistan in 2008, such lists are exchanged on January 1 and July 1 every year. Pakistan has submitted the list of prisoners to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad and India has given the list of prisoners to the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. Let us tell you that there are currently 55 Indian nationals in Pakistani jails and there are 227 fishermen who are Indians or claim to be Indians.

Pakistan submitted list of nuclear installations to India

As part of the bilateral agreement, on Wednesday, Pakistan shared a list of prisoners as well as a list of its nuclear installations with India. The Foreign Office said in a statement that Pakistan had shared a list of its nuclear installations with India under a 1988 agreement between India. He further said that India has also submitted a list of its nuclear installations to Pakistan. The Ministry of External Affairs submitted the list of Indian nuclear installations to a representative of the Pakistan High Commission at 11 am.

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