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Insurance coverage tales & anecdotes. – jj

Insurance coverage tales & anecdotes.

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  1. In my country they used to that but after 2008 when the markets went tits up there all legal bodies set up now and they had to all sign up to them and the same with banks and broadband companies and when you put a complaint in it they investigated it and if you are not happy a independent ombudsman looks at and they do get you results for you

  2. There is a secret phrase to use when an insurance company wants to pull something shady, "I believe you are acting in 'Bad Faith"'. Scares the shit out of them because it adds 2 zeros in punitive damages, and juries almost always find against them. Use that phrase and they pay.

  3. I had a job once where a new mail carrier came into our offices of a shared building and asked me if I accepted the mail which seemed kind of odd because we had a regular mailbox on the other end of the building; I said yes and she dumped everyone's mail for the building on my desk and left. The building owner had not been keeping up with labeling the mailboxes for each tenant and thus the new mail person didn't know what to do except dump everything with me. lol. I had the maintenance person label all the mailboxes the next day and I simply left the mail stacked up near the group of boxes (it was a controlled building so no one just walked through).

  4. all insurance is a scam no prob if the car is fkd up they pay for the car but if you are hurt you get no help what so ever it they will spend 10 time the amount of the claim in lawyer's fee's just to not set a precedent in court once they pay one they have to pay them all ps this is gonna generate a lot of nasty insurance hate anyone who has dealt with them knows what they are like

  5. so by that logic if someone gives an Apple user a cup of coffee and later on they spill it on their MacBook … YOU should be charging the dude at the coffee shop … not the person who owns the MacBook … FFS @ people/businesses not using common sense is one of my biggest pet peeves these days

  6. In my case, I had flood insurance, but because the water came from an overflowing river due to a mismanaged dam, not rain nearby, claim denied.
    Then I told them to cancel my policy because there was nothing left to insure, and was fighting them for over 3 months to get that to happen. Yes, they were still charging me.

  7. As a small business owner, I agree 100% with louis. Been there too many times, very frustrating. They do this on purpose.
    I think the funniest thing i have ever seen is when I was also told that there is also Terrorism insurance. Meaning, that my insurance coverage is fine, but if it is a terrorist act, I am not covered unless I pay some ungodly amount for that insurance.

  8. I was in a car accident 3 weeks ago, where a driver was on his phone, and blew through a red light and hit me. I immediately ran to another car and asked them to be a witness. Had I not done that, I have no doubt that Allstate would have said that I could not prove the legal basis of my claim against them, and would have to use my insurance and pay my deductible to get my car fixed. The offending driver told me on the scene "Don't worry man, we both have insurance, it's fine." He had way more confidence in his insurance's willingness to pay than I do.

  9. My experience with insurance:
    – second accident (here https://youtu.be/H9PUTddk9Ek?t=45 somewhere) – her insurance tried twice to low-ball my damages value… after they failed they tried not to pay me. Got my money 4 months late.
    – another accident, different insurance company, refused my claim because the repair shop I chose was "too expensive" and "I can find replacement parts at scrapyards, i don't have to put in original parts".
    – on the health part, I got billed for investigations that showed I'm healthy. Turned out I had nerve damage in my legs, but I found that and got treatment elsewhere, not at the insurance company's hospital. At them, I got a clean bill of health (although I couldn't walk at times) and my insurance said that only if the investigations reveal a health issue they are covered. If investigations show I'm healthy (by investigations I mean test results, from tests done by them in their labs, they don't accept anything else) I have to pay for them.

    So yeah, insurance is mostly a pyramid scheme with little to no value in the real world. Works for small issues, but once the claims are significant, it's most of the time worse with insurance.

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