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Please watch: “How To: Easy Holiday Party/Special Occasion Faux Hawk Tutorial!! 2015” ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9646kepjQzg …



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  1. That shit crazy. Wow you can't even have a best frien nomore. The gay community fuckin it up. Literaly. But check it. I just found out burt and Ernie was based off of a gay couple. And these two ninjas are The real live bert and earnie

  2. I don't have nothing against homophobic people but it's a shame to know what's going on and them people had it on the low low for a very long time and I don't care the media is going to find out and they going to expose everything Big Ups to y'all but I don't understand it at all 10 years house party yes a house party all right

  3. a kid and play I don't care what y'all got going on as actors y'all do a good job y'all make the people go get the CDs so they can watch him you know DVDs cuz you know you rap too so but to find out that you getting married and it's been 10 years or keeping it on the low low y'all basically the first one to actually come out to be gay but I mean for 10 years cuz I heard a rumor that somebody was gay by owner Lolo s*** ain't been on the low low for 10 years who can top that and come out and say they married damn damn damn

  4. don't worry niggas just mad because kid n play the only rappers that made it from the bottom with out all that gangster shit even with kid and plays troubled back ground that keep it real and true

  5. In this world of social media if they was that open about it I'm sure there would at the very least be some audio confirming that as a fact rather than old pictures and some writing so unless I hear from the horse's mouth I'm not trying to believe it

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