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Nas & ColorOfChange.org Give 620,000 Petitions to Fox Information – jj

Nas & ColorOfChange.org Give 620,000 Petitions to Fox Information

Hip hop artist Nas and members of ColorOfChange.org deliver over 620,000 petitions calling on Fox News to stop its racist coverage of the Obamas. Sign the petition at http://www.colorofchange.org.


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  1. I am impress to see you stand for what's right for we are surely living in a mind control world I have wittness this behavior from many companies and many jobs and many in the land of freedom refuses to see you stand for what's right but what's right will lasts in last days I refuse to believe that's your choose but looking at how are surely living in the land of mind control world and there not just blind there in no watching all the signs keep speaking my bother maybe some will open there minds god bless

  2. Racism is worldwide and affects every race depending on geographic location. This video is propaganda to be used against FOX. *1:20. Also, I could give a shit about FOX and the media. All news is made up to please the right or left wing. Until you see it with your own eyes you will always be like blind sheep.

  3. cool… shut them down, they dont have the right. They dont have freedom of speach, this isnt america anymore. This isnt America anymore. It was murdered the day you cut the voice box out of another American. They said 'baby mama' they deserve to be silenced forever. I only want to hear what Nas decides is okay for me to hear. Hey, he dogs on girls? He *must* be cool, he must be right. This isn't America anymore.

  4. Just saw the story on Raw Story how many advertisers are dropping Glenn Beck…Good Job Color of Change!!!

    We're going to take it back – whose airwaves, whose print, whose news, whose streets?

    It's not government by for and of


  5. Nas is a f**king LIAR! He obviously does not watch Fox News and is a puppet of the RACIST
    B**tard in the White House! Obama didn't sit in Rev. Wrights racist, America-hating, Anti-Semetic church for 20 years for nothing. He had to agree at least in part of what the fool Wright was spewing from the pulpit. Buck Ofama and the JackAss he rode in on!

  6. Right On!
    Fox "News" makes me puke. Look up early Nazi propaganda and compare. Fox is seeing what they can get away with now and will get worse soon. As a white person who knows about being in a hated minority I support your cause. We all have to stop hating other Americans and pull together.

  7. I have been a fan of Nas's music for a long time. This video clip shows that Nas is not just about selling records but standing up for a cause. A lot of mainstream rappers do not follow current events like Nas and Canibus and therefore render themselves useless to me. Peace.

  8. Obama is as white as anyone the USA. He did not grow up black and did not face any of the barriers that real blacks face. He was very opportunistic to tap into that culture after attending harvard. After being "accepted" as a black, he used that to catapult his career He also backstabbed the people who gave him a shot in his very first public election. There still is no black president, this guy is not about change, but the same old. Obama just hired pretty much everyone from the Clinton days.

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