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PFI: Yogi authorities needs to ban – jj

PFI: Yogi authorities needs to ban


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Ever since its formation in Kozhikode in Kerala on 22 November 2006, the 'Popular Front of India' or 'PFI' has been in dispute.

The latest controversy is over the protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act. These protests had turned violent in many places.

Yogi Adityanath's government of Uttar Pradesh has demanded the Home Ministry to ban PFI.

On which PFI has called dictatorial steps.


This new organization was formed by combining three organizations – 'Karnataka Forum for Dignity' i.e. 'KDAF', 'Manitha Neethi Pasarai' and 'National Development Front' of Tamil Nadu, which also have branches in different provinces of India.

Later, more organizations were merged with 'PFI', including 'Citizens Forum' in Goa, 'Community Social and Educational Society' in Rajasthan, 'Civil Rights Protection Committee' of West Bengal, 'Lilong Social Forum' in Manipur and Andhra Pradesh 'Association of Social Justice'.

But within four years of its formation, 'PFI' started coming under attack.

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The first charge was leveled against the incident of July 4, 2010, when TJ Thomas, a college professor in Todupuzha, Kerala, was stopped near his house and one of his hands was amputated by a wrist.

Professor Thomas had mentioned something objectionable in his college question paper, on which a criminal case was filed against him.

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Later such an incident happened with him. In this regard, those who were arrested were accused of being members of 'PFI'.

However, the organization denied the allegations leveled against it and made it a conspiracy agreement.

By August that year, the Kerala police raided several locations of the 'PFI' and claimed to have recovered several objectionable documents and weapons.

It also claimed that 'PFI' was associated with the banned Students Students Islamic Movement of India i.e. 'SIMI'.

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Apart from this, the Kerala police had also claimed that during the raids on 'PFI' activists, the promotional material of the extremist organization 'Al Qaeda' was also recovered.

Kerala is not the only state with 'PFI' activities on its radar. In the year 2018, the Jharkhand government also banned this organization, which was later dismissed by the High Court of Jharkhand.

The Jharkhand government again banned the organization in February last year.

In a statement issued by the Jharkhand government, it was alleged that this organization is related to various extremist organizations and cases are registered against its workers in various police stations of the state.

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Government sources claim that after the riots in the year 2012, PFI has also been involved in hate messages in the northeastern state of Assam. Sources say that 60 crore hatred SMSes were sent on 13 August 2012 on only one day. PFI also denied having its hand in it.

The 'PFI' always rejected these allegations and said that it was affiliated to the Socialist Party of India i.e. 'SDPI'. Therefore, after the merger in 2006, the founder president of SDPI, E Abu Bakr, was made the chairman of PFI.

The state government has also raised doubts over the 'PFI' for the violence in Uttar Pradesh against the citizenship law and the 'NRC'. The Uttar Pradesh government has also recommended the Union Home Ministry to ban 'PFI'.

At the same time, the central government also says that the PFI can also be involved in violence in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

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But the General Secretary of the organization, M Mohammad Ali Jinnah, has issued a press release alleging that protests are taking place in protest against the citizenship amendment law across the country.

They allege that only in the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled states have 'oppressive methods' been used to deal with these protests.

The PFI has said in its statement that the Uttar Pradesh government's action against PFI is "another dictatorial move of Yogi's police against democratic activities".

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