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Rastreator at MQC – Insurance coverage for younger drivers beneath 25 – Rastreator.com ™ – jj

Rastreator at MQC – Insurance coverage for younger drivers beneath 25 – Rastreator.com ™

Young drivers are the protagonists of the new video of the program 'MQC'. In this report, children under 25 years of age will be able to verify, with the help of Rastreator.com, the solutions they have so that they can ensure that their car is not too expensive. If you want to look for insurance for your car, compare on Rastreator.com: and if you want to find out about insurance for young people, read the following guide

ELENA BETÉS, General Director of Rastreator.com, explains it with the following words:
"Rastreator.com is more than an insurance comparator. In addition to looking for the policy with the most advantageous conditions for the youngest, it also makes its experts available to answer any questions that may arise."

MQC REPORTER: If you are under 21 years of age and already have a driving license, this report will help you find the best insurance policy and clear up all kinds of doubts regarding this issue. To achieve this, nothing better than going to the insurance comparator Rastreator.com.

OFF LOCATION: One of the main problems faced by young drivers in Spain is to secure their first vehicle. And it is that, traditionally, in our country the accident rate of this type of novice drivers became an inconvenience for companies. However, insurance comparators such as Rastreator offer solutions for this kind of drivers.

ELENA BETÉS: We help them clearly from Rastreator through an online chat that allows them to solve all kinds of doubts they have when they arrive at that moment and see the price. We explain what each insurance has and help them throughout the hiring process if necessary.

OFF LOCATION: Also the differences in coverage among the most expert holders are still very important.

ELENA BETÉS: The coverage could be the same. What happens is that the price of that insurance with the maximum coverage is going to be so high, that the young people in the end what they end up hiring are the basic insurance that can make sense for once they have 2 years of license or more than 25 or 26 years. Clearly, return to the market, compare and at that time they will see a very clear savings but the first years are quite expensive and hard years for an insured.

OFF LOCATION: But in recent years various studies support the fact that these restrictions are beginning to decline.

ELENA BETÉS: This class of drivers is showing that they are getting better. The DGT is doing a lot of training. There has been a survey that shows that 60% of young people say they will never have drunk and that is compared to 30% last year. That is, the evolution of this type of people, in terms of driving training, has improved substantially and that makes them have fewer accidents and, therefore, insurers will be more willing to insure them.

OFF LOCATION: The search for the best insurance policy for a driver under 25 is no longer a problem as before.

ELENA BETÉS: One of the great advantages of Rastreator.com for young people is that, as we have said, not all insurers are willing to insure these types of drivers. Entering and comparing gives you a very wide offer that would otherwise be almost impossible to obtain because you have to compare in 20 to get 5 or 6 prices.


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