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Surya Grahan or Annular Photo voltaic eclipse (26 December 2019): Pregnant ladies ought to keep away from this photo voltaic eclipse. Surya Grahan or Annular Photo voltaic eclipse (26 December 2019): Its not good for pregnant ladies? – jj

Surya Grahan or Annular Photo voltaic eclipse (26 December 2019): Pregnant ladies ought to keep away from this photo voltaic eclipse. Surya Grahan or Annular Photo voltaic eclipse (26 December 2019): Its not good for pregnant ladies?



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Published: Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Both the sun and the lunar eclipse have an impact on every animal on the earth, from nature to the environment, but this time the solar eclipse is extremely inauspicious for pregnant women. Pregnant women will have to survive especially from this eclipse. The last solar eclipse of 2019 is coming on Thursday, 26 December. Coming on Pausha Amavasya, this solar eclipse will start at 8.08 am and will end at 10.58 am. During this solar eclipse, the six planets Sun, Chandra, Mercury, Guru, Saturn and Ketu will live together in Sagittarius and eclipse is also happening in Sagittarius. Therefore, the effect of this hexagraphic yoga will be most on the pregnant women and the baby growing in their womb. Hence one needs to be very careful. Some special measures have to be taken to avoid the ill effects of this eclipse.

What to do pregnant women

What to do pregnant women

  • Pregnant women do not leave the house until the eclipse begins and ends. In no way should the sun's rays fall on them. In the eclipse period due to the Shatgrahi Yoga, the shadow of the planets falling on the womb may cause problems to the unborn child. During this time, the harmful rays can damage the womb. So stay indoors during the eclipse.
  • During the eclipse period, put ocher on your womb by dissolving it in Ganga water and adding a paste of basil leaf to it and placing it in a circular form around the entire womb or navel. This will not affect the harmful rays on the womb. Do this experiment even when you are inside the house because the rays of the sun may not fall directly on the womb, but its light comes inside the house.
  • Pregnant women should keep a garland made of tulsi wood or basil beads in their neck during the eclipse period.

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Recite Vishnushastranam

Recite Vishnushastranam

  • During the eclipse period, pregnant women keep reciting Vishnushastranam. Or keep chanting the names of Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna.
  • Before all the eclipse starts, add basil leaf or kush grass to all the food and drink items. By the way, no person should eat or drink anything during the eclipse period, but if pregnant women need, then take the same food which already has Tulsi letter inserted.
  • Do not touch any thing that cuts, knives, knives, blades, razors, etc. during the eclipse. If the womb is less than four months, then these things should not be touched at all. The use of bites causes defects in the organs of the fetus. Similarly, do not use a needle. Some stitching also causes the fetus to become defective.
This eclipse is happening in Sagittarius ...

This eclipse is happening in Sagittarius …

  • Take a bath before the eclipse begins and after the eclipse ends. Worship the Lord after bathing. Donate
  • During eclipse, pregnant women must keep a whole coconut with them, this eradication defect is removed.
  • Pregnant women with Sagittarius and Ascendant will have to avoid this eclipse especially because this eclipse is happening in Sagittarius.
  • Eclipse is inauspicious for pregnant women of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
  • Cancer is exalted for Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, and this eclipse will be moderately fruitful for pregnant women of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio.

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