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That Mitchell and Webb Look – Dreamy Pastures Insurance coverage – jj

That Mitchell and Webb Look – Dreamy Pastures Insurance coverage

From S01E01.



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  1. quick question is wadmore really your last name. mine is skidmore and im wondering about what type of origins/original nationality your name is. i know this video is old but i would appreciate a response. thank you

  2. Not really pal. im from mass usa the state that first started killing of you red coats like target practice during the revolution and i understand it all. comedic genius. its right up there w/ curb your enthusiasm. ive been watching,"would i lie to you" to get some more david mitchell guys so fiendishly clever and is full of witty humor.

  3. @ShamanSound I agree the British youth is lost. I've been living and working in the Philippines for two years and guess what? Brits have life pretty easy compared to most out here. The kids especially. They just think they have it hard because the British culture is all about expecting somebody else to come and make your life better for you instead of doing it for yourself. And I'm as guilty as the next man, by the way 🙂

  4. @polomonkey68 But i would say the one thing that i can cherish about being British is our dry humour and dark comedy. Also programs like 'Monkey Dust', 'Ideal', but my favourite has to be 'Peep Show'. I have watched it with international friends who speak English fluently and find some of it funny but the moments that i find the funniest go completely over their heads and they ask me why it was funny. I can never explain, you just have to be British, to think like a Brit.

  5. @polomonkey68 I don't want to be British. I feel lucky to have drinking water, and go to school and university but not everyone in Britain is lucky. There is a huge divide between the rich and the poor and the government does not provide the services the poorer areas need. There is no opportunity to young people and we are constantly exposed to gang culture/violence/drugs/people trafficking. Your comment was two years ago, search London riots and see what Britain has become. Our youth is lost.

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