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The 2020 Rose Parade by KTLA 5 – jj

The 2020 Rose Parade by KTLA 5

The 131st Rose Parade, on New Year’s Day 2020, is themed “The Power of Hope.” The parade along 5 1/2 miles of Pasadena city streets includes 39 floral-decorated floats, 20 marching bands, 17 equestrians units, and of course the Royal Court and the 102nd Rose Queen, Camille Kennedy.

Grand Marshalls:
-Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez
-actress Gina Torres
-performer Rita Moreno

KTLA’s hosts for the broadcast of the parade:
-Leeza Gibbons
-Mark Steines
-Micah Ohlman

The Jan. 1, 2020, airing marks the 73rd consecutive television broadcast of the parade on KTLA, L.A.’s Very Own. #RoseParade



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  1. The biggest WASTE of money that there ever was. Pasadena, LA OC its all GARBAGE. Why don't you just take all the money it cost to do this POS parade and use it towards your homeless problems? Your scumbag of a governor Newsome sure as hell doesn't know how to do it. 131st annual waste of money parade. What a joke!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this video. My mom watches the Rose Bowl every year, but this year she was she wasn't feeling well so she slept through it. We didn't want to wake her. She was so upset that she missed it. Now she will get a chance to see it because of you. Thank you for posting this video.

  3. The lady standing on top behind cab of the truck, is Patty Cormier and the tall gentleman standing beside the truck on driver side, is Steve Bunker. Both members of the Farmington (Maine) Fire & Rescue, Fatal propane explosion killing their Captain Mike Bell, and injuring 6 other Farmington Firefighters only a couple months ago,

  4. The Japan Green Band is a composite of individuals, which means that they are, at least in terms of the dance routines, limited to what the average band can do. I preferred it when they had the actual high school bands which trained together all year. On the plus side, unmentioned, the one legged flautist from the Kyoto Tachibana HS Band in 2018 is back with the Green Band (She graduated from Tachibana in 2018) Five and a half miles takes it out of most people. She is doing it for a secon time.

  5. As someone who marched in many parades as a teenager, no, no, no to any equestrian units ahead of any marching unit. Horses are not house trained, and they leave large mementos of their passing. In my area, at least for the last two years I was active, we managed to convince most of the sponsors of parades in our area to group the horses with the last few floats. In this parade, I would keep them with floats which try to drown out the bands with their music.

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