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The Mandalorian Chapter Three Overview – "The Sin" (Spoilers) – jj

The Mandalorian Chapter Three Overview – "The Sin" (Spoilers)

Jedi Council’s Ken Napzok and Emma Fyffe review the third episode of The Mandalorian, directed by Deborah Chow and written by Jon Favreau.

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  1. As an added reason for the Clan to take out the Bounty Hunters, each one with a tracker likely also had a bar of the Beskarr Steel from taking on the bounty. There may now be several more Mandalorians with new armor.

  2. I don't understand why people want so badly for him to not be an actual Mandalorian lol I keep hearing people hypothesising about how he, "had to have been adopted in to the Mandalorian culture," or, "couldn't possibly actually be from the Mandalorian homeworld or system of Planets."

    I don't get what the problem with him being an actual Mandalorian is!

    WHY can't he be from Mandalore or Concordia?

    What's up with the seemingly popular resistance to that concept?

    He's called, "the Mandalorian," lol but apparently there's a segment of the fandom who thinks it's better if he's actually not TRULY Mandalorian.

    Yea, I'm not feeling it.

    Until it's confirmed, like OFFICIALLY, that he isn't really an actual Mandalorian, and that he's just pretending or striving to be, or adopted in to the culture from somewhere else, in my head canon he's JUST as Mandalorian as Sabine Wren and Pre Vizsla themselves!

  3. I am 99% sure that they were trying to extract midichlorians and they were to be used to bring back the emperor. With all the other weird things (space toilet??) they are bringing into this show to answer questions, I can imagine Dave Filoni making midichlorians cool again.

  4. Star Wars punditry is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to SW. Way worse than the holiday special because at least that had some integrity about it unlike this utter crap. its sucks that you guys make money out of this i personally cant stand listening to you. Star Wars fandom is one of the most toxic out there. shows like this and the toxic fandom is the reason all my Star wars shirts are now dusters. you've killed it for me thanks.

  5. Not sure if anyone else knows this, but I've just watched a behind the scenes interview of The Mandalorian and the name of the Mandalorian was revealed! (Don't want to spoil it so message if you want to know.)

  6. Greef Carga, or as I like to call him "Unc Greef" has such a Star Wars video game NPC vibe to him. That hologram scene is ripped from a cut scene in KOTOR. Ken, please play KOTOR.. Love ya buddy and your theme based discussions on this and ForceCenter. I'm loving the addition of Emma and Ace so much! VHS & Laser Disc OG Star Wars kids unite!

  7. 8:43
    So tell me, how hard is it to find a Mandalorian when they're all in the same town a few blocks away from each other? Even if they are underground…so does that mean they not once walk the streets for refreshments? Treat themselves with a salacious-crumb-like BBQ? These imperial leftovers are also supposedly hiding?
    If the Empire purged the mandalorians, why didn't they sweep Herzog's peeps already? Again cuz they're right there, like neighbors!
    Something is really not clicking.
    What's up with that? …anyone

  8. There's no shame in acknowledging that Favreau is doing much borrowing from his own Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Hell, the hammering out the armor is literally the framing of the entire Marvel arc — from Iron Man to the last thing in Endgame being the post credit armor hammering sound. To cite a few, the whistling birds scene is from Iron Man shooting all the terrorists at once, the flyby with the exact line "I've gotta get one of those" is from Iron Man 1 or 2. (I don't remember which of the Rhodey's it was) The entire jail break sequence inside where Baby Y was being held had such an Iron Man fighting his way out of the cave vibe.

    Not Favreau, but if anyone didn't think of Black Manta's crew arriving in Sicily when the jet-pack posse showed up they just didn't see Aquaman.

    And that's fine. It's a good thing. It's something Star Wars needs. I'm all for it.

    (And yes, if course all comic book movies have also been inspired by Star Wars. The OG Superman was made the year after Star Wars. And, yes, comic book Iron Man existed before Bobba Fett, and so on.)

  9. Keep in mind, we now know Palpatine is still alive. Is he behind the hunt for Baby Yoda and force sensitive children? We saw him wanting to gather force kids in the Clone Wars cartoon, remember? Season 2 Episode 3, on Disney Channel.

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