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Use of the grinder or radial (2) – jj

Use of the grinder or radial (2)

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Hello everyone.
A radial is a widely used tool for many trades.
We must know that it is also dangerous, but not much more than any other tool misusing it.
We have to have, of course, much more caution and among others I list some:
– Use our EPIS, personal protective equipment, glasses, clothing, footwear, … Very important and mandatory glasses, (do not use if you do not have glasses on hand that prevent particles from entering the eyes)
– Do not remove or cancel the original protections that the machine brings.
– Use a disc for each material: there are specific discs for marble, granite, concrete, for iron metals, or stainless steel. In addition there may be different thicknesses.
-The disc is always tight with its grip nuts, if damaged, discard it.
– Use in areas where there are no children around.
– Know that the sparks that jump can cause burns, or fires if they fall in places where there are flammable materials. And also deteriorate everything around, tiles, glass, wood, … Protect from sparks that jump
– Use whenever you can with two hands and hold it tightly.
– The piece to be cut if possible always tied to a vice, or another, ..
– And so a series of indications and rules to be followed that are for our safety and that of those around us.

Well, once we know how a radio works, we know it and we know its parts, how to use it, we can always start using it with great caution.

Its use is very varied and to cut many materials.
 The important thing is that it does not move. It starts to cut very smoothly from back to front, without squeezing the disc much. First the line is marked. Then it is deepening little by little. The sparks that come out are very scandalous, can cause burns, fire, … You have to be very careful, our radial is provided with a protector that directs the sparks to the side. We will take refuge in this security, that is, on the opposite side. Sparks will not affect us in this way. From time to time we will let the radial rest, which does not get hot, and we will see if the disc is correct. When almost everything is cut, we will leave a little uncut so that the piece does not fall to the ground, because we must know that the weight of the piece to be cut will fall to the ground so we can avoid it if we leave a little uncut by the bottom, just enough to hold on and that we can split it with our hand. There are other solutions, but the important thing is that the weight of the tube when cutting does not yield and imprison the disc, so the cut will always go into pieces without tension, and from the top.
There are many ways, ways, ways, to make the cuts. The practice will gradually show us that we can vary and improve the use of this machine that if we know how to use it will help us in our work.
But always remember. CAUTION.
** IF YOU DON'T SEE YOU SAFE TO USE IT, … DO NOT USE IT and use another tool
Greetings. Angel


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  1. Estimado amigo, compré una esmeriladora angula Skill de 4.5 pgs motor de 6 amperios y 11,000 rpm, entre sus instrucciones dice que no debe usarse para cortar, por el riesgo de sufrir lesiones graves. que solo debe usarse para Amolar, lijar, y para discos de alambre.. y advierte de no usar ruedas de diamante, ..por otra parte siempre he visto a los que colocan pisos ceramicos usar est6as herramientas sin ningun inconveniente..otra pregunta, he visto que usas un disco diamantado ranurado para cortar ceramica, pero me han dicho que para este fin solo debe usarse discos continuos.. que diferencia existe entre ambos discos?..el disco liso no permite suficiente enfriamiento ? es para corte húmedo ?   Gracias por tu video  y por tus comentarios.

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