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Wrathchild America – No Deposit, No Return (with lyrics) – jj

Wrathchild America – No Deposit, No Return (with lyrics)

Wrathchild America “No Deposit, No Return” from Climbin’ the Walls (1989) I do not own this music or image. All copyrights belong to the respective owners.



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  1. I know 2 members from this band. These guy's were about the only band I ever knew that each song sounded like a different band and style,almost like avant garde music….So…..The Industry had no interest in them because they couldn't find a genera to place them in,then package and control them like they could the so -called successful super star bands like Metallica as a example,(not to belittle Metallica but these guys had mastered their style back when Shannon was 16 and Metallica had peaked out)….Regardless people who knew them even back then knew they were the real deal and bought their records and went to EVERY show we could,but the Industry never gave them the backing they deserved arounf the rest of the World,same story with Kix….AND they were both on Atlantic….Both dropped,although KIX got a couple good records out on Atlantic,they like Wrathchild were just Too good and different for Atlantic to deal with in that scene at the time…..Also remember the coming of Nirvanna was about to kick off….

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