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03-03-2015. Resilience: Ideas of constructive psychology – jj

03-03-2015. Resilience: Ideas of constructive psychology

Resilience: Concepts of positive psychology:

The UNED on TVE-2 (Program broadcast issued 03/05/2013)

Series: Psychological processes and behavior analysis
Issue date: 03-07-2015

Resilience, refers to a property of the materials by which an elastic object, that is to say a spring or a spring, which is subjected to a certain pressure or force, is capable, once said pressure ceases, to recover its original form . If we transfer this concept to the world of Psychology and Social Sciences, we refer to the ability of people to resist and recover, in adverse circumstances, whether they are individual, or psychosocial.

 María Pilar Bardera Mora PhD in Psychology and University Extension Coordinator at the Associated Center of Madrid, UNED
 José Luis Medina Amor Doctor of Medicine, specialist in Psychiatry. Professor at the University of Alcalá de Henares.
 Amparo Osca Segovia Professor of the Department of Social Psychology and Organizations, UNED
 Rafaela Santos Rivas psychiatrist. President of the Spanish Resilience Institute
 Eduardo Samper Lucena psychologist specialist in Clinical Psychology
 Mónica García Silgo expert in Forensic Psychology

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