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10 Warnings from Padre Pio at the Beginning of a Year [¡poderosos consejos!] – jj

10 Warnings from Padre Pio at the Beginning of a Year [¡poderosos consejos!]

10 Warnings from Padre Pio at the Beginning of a Year [powerful advice!] When we are going to start a new stage in our life, such as a new job, a new relationship, moving out of the house or even a new year, we experience a mixture of hope and uncertainty.
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And a double dose of courage, of faith, of perseverance is always good, at least in the first few days, to face the challenge
And reinforce the intention with which we will begin the new task
In this video I will tell you what Padre Pio recommended to his spiritual children when they were going to start something new, for example a new year
They are useful and comforting recommendations that it would be good to reflect and share with your friends.
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Padre Pio's first recommendation is that the glory belongs to those who fight
The palm of glory is reserved only for those who fight bravely until the end.
Therefore on this road that you begin, in this holy battle that lies ahead, for example a new year, God will help you and crown you with triumph if you fight with perseverance

Padre Pio's second recommendation is to transform our challenge into good works, populating it with good intentions.
We are undertaking something new by divine grace.
Since we do not know if we are going to successfully finish the goal that we set for ourselves in this new stage of life, we should also use our time to repair our past and prepare for other struggles in the future.
Good works go hand in hand with good intentions, and this is much more true if we think of the beginning of a new year

The third recommendation of Padre Pio is that we be moved by the presence of God in this new stage
Lets tell yourself, with the full conviction of telling the truth: "My soul: start doing good deeds today that you have not done so far."
We will be moved by the presence of God. "God sees me," we will often tell ourselves "that by my actions he judges me."
Let's work to be sure that you always see only the goodness in us.

The fourth recommendation is that you don't wait or delay in doing things
If you have time, don't wait.
We must not leave for tomorrow what we can do today.
The graves are full of good intentions that were never fulfilled.
Also, what security do we have that we will be alive tomorrow?
Let us listen to the voice of our conscience, as the prophet said: "Today, if you hear the voice of the Lord, do not make deaf ears."
Let's go ahead and treasure the fleeting moment that is only ours.
When time is wasted, the gift of God – the present – is despised that He, in his infinite goodness, announces us with his love and generosity.

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Now let's continue.

The fifth recommendation is that we do good to others
As St. Francis of Assisi said "Let's start today, my brothers, to do good, because so far we have not done anything."
And these words that the Seraphic Father, San Francisco, in his humility, applied to himself, must be made ours at the beginning of a new stage and at the beginning of the new year.
We have lived without thinking, as if the Eternal Judge was not going to call him one day and ask us to give an account of our works, how we spent our time.

The sixth recommendation is that we communicate love
Love does not admit delay, the Magi, immediately after his arrival, did everything possible to make him known to Him, who had conquered his heart through the influx of grace.
He filled them and fills us, with the kind of charity that must overflow, since it cannot be contained in the small structure of the heart, and therefore must be communicated.

The seventh recommendation is that you don't do things for your own merit.
In your actions, do not seek neither the greatest nor the least merit, but the greatest honor and glory to God …


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